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Common problems in furniture painting


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At present, spray booths are widely used in the process of furniture painting, but due to poor consideration in practical applications and imperfect purification technology, there are different problems in various enterprises. There are several common problems in furniture painting:
1. There are also many problems in the design and installation. The quality of the workpiece fabrication and installation is not high, and there is a wind leakage phenomenon, which has a great impact on the overall sealing effect. At the same time, there are certain problems in the design of the exhaust pipe fittings, such as elbows, air curtains, and variable diameter ducts.

Common problems in furniture painting

2. The design of the exhaust air is unreasonable, resulting in poor ventilation effect in the painting operation environment. The main performance is that the wind filter system has large resistance, negative pressure and partial dead angle. In the painting operation, the rebound paint mist has secondary pollution to the plate, which has a certain impact on product quality.
3. One-sided pursuit of the exhaust effect, so that the exhaust air volume and wind pressure is too large, thus increasing equipment investment and operating costs. Especially for the wood production plant in the north, it is also necessary to heat the air supply in the winter, and the fan for the exhaust air is too large, resulting in a greater heat loss, thereby increasing the production cost of the enterprise. Generally speaking, in the design calculation, the suction port wind speed is required to be controlled at 0.05 m/s, and the wind outlet outlet wind speed is controlled at 0.35 m/s to select the fan model.

Common problems in furniture painting

4. The purification method of paint mist is unreasonable. For dry spray booths, the general enterprise only performs the primary treatment of the solid components in the paint mist, while the organic components in the paint mist are directly discharged into the atmosphere, and the emission standards are not at all. Meet the standard and cause certain pollution to the environment. For the wet spray booth, some enterprises only wash the paint mist through the water curtain, and the waste water after the waste slag is directly discharged, causing secondary pollution to the water and soil.

Common problems in furniture painting

5. The lighting layout of the spray booth is unreasonable, the corresponding illumination is not enough, and it can not provide a good working environment for painting. Some enterprises do not use explosion-proof lamps in the lighting of the paint booth, which brings serious safety hazards to the production.

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