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Working principle and structural composition of furniture spray paint booth


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We all know that the furniture spray booth is a device for painting and drying the furniture surface. It can be said to be the “beauty dressing room” of the furniture, which plays an extremely important role in the protection of the furniture. So how does the furniture spray booth work? What is the working principle? What is it made up of? Next, I will answer the above questions for you!

furniture spray paint booth

1. The working principle of the furniture baking room is as follows:

When painting, the external air is filtered by the primary filter and sent to the roof by the fan, and then filtered through the top filter to be purified. The air in the room is fully descended and flows downward at a speed of 0.2-0.3 m/s, so that the paint mist particles after painting cannot stay in the air, and are directly discharged outside the room through the bottom air outlet. In this way, the circulation is continuously changed, so that the air in the room is more than 98% clean when painting, and the air that is fed has a certain pressure, which can form a constant airflow around the furniture to remove excess paint, thereby maximizing the guarantee. The quality of the spray paint.

When baking paint, adjust the switch to the baking position, and the temperature in the baking room will rise rapidly to the predetermined drying temperature (40 °C - 60 °C). Then the furniture is painted, and finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the paint booth is automatically turned off and the baking finish is finished.

working principle of furniture spray paint booth

2. The structure of the furniture paint booth is as follows:

The furniture baking room is generally divided into two parts: the spray booth and the paint booth. The whole paint booth is a assembled structure. The house body adopts the mother-inserted thermal insulation spray wall panel, which has good sealing and heat preservation performance, and is convenient for workers to enter and exit; the aluminum alloy edging door. The low noise and high air volume fan is used to ensure the perfection of the paint effect. The system structure of the furniture spray booth consists of:

The structure of the furniture paint booth

(1.) Paint room air purification system

The filter system adopts two filter layers. The coarse filter layer effectively captures dust particles larger than 10um in diameter. The high-precision high-efficiency filter layer has a multi-layer structure, which can effectively capture dust particles larger than 4um in diameter and the dust holding capacity of the entire filter system. Large, low resistance, long life, filtration efficiency can exceed 98%.
(2.) Air circulation system

The air circulation system consists of a complete set of units. The unit is equipped with a set of fans. The air is supplied by two 3KW fans. The total air volume is 24,000 square meters, which makes the room wind wind speed >0.3m/s, thus ensuring rapid indoor air circulation. No paint residue remains, ensuring the operator's health and painting effect. The fan adopts the spray-painting and air-conditioning fan of the paint room produced by Siemens technology. It has compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance.
(3.) Paint mist treatment system

The paint mist treatment adopts water filtration, the use cost is low, the paint mist is ideally adsorbed, and the effect is good. The indoor noise complies with GBJ87-85 "Industrial Enterprise Noise Control Design Specification" and does not exceed 85 decibels. The current development status and working structure principle in China

The above is about the "work principle and structural composition of the furniture spray paint room", the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!