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EMU's advantages in using graphene waterborne coatings


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Along with the improvement of the comprehensive technical performance of high-speed EMUs, higher requirements are placed on the aesthetics and anti-corrosion of trains. The performance of water-based coating systems will meet new challenges. At present, the coating of high-speed EMUs is mostly based on the coatings of foreign companies. The successful experience is based on the specific operating environment. Due to the large span of greenhouses in the domestic operation range and the complex environmental and climatic conditions, in order to meet the needs of the development of domestic high-speed EMUs, it is compatible with them. High performance waterborne coating technology needs to be self-sufficient as soon as possible.

graphene waterborne coatings in EMU

High-speed EMU coating system, in addition to ensuring good adhesion and anti-corrosion properties with aluminum alloy, its hardness, gloss, medium resistance, anti-fouling, decorative, high-speed shock absorption and weather resistance must be superior to conventional coatings. Performance. The sand-resistant, anti-pollution and repair properties of the paint are more severely tested. Graphene waterborne coatings have the following advantages.
1. Excellent flexibility and adhesion
    In the high-speed driving of the EMU, the ambient temperature changes rapidly within a short period of time. This temperature change will cause the substrate to expand and contract, causing the coating toughness to deteriorate, embrittlement and cracking, resulting in coating. It can be peeled off and peeled off, thus losing the anti-corrosion effect. Therefore, the anti-corrosion primer of the EMU must have good adhesion and toughness with the substrate. The addition of graphene anticorrosive primer can maintain good adhesion and toughness to the substrate under the conditions of rapid climate change, thus providing good protection for the substrate.
2. More environmentally friendly corrosion resistance
    Traditional anti-corrosion coatings for motor vehicles use zinc yellow, chrome yellow, chrome yellow, etc. as anti-rust pigments to improve corrosion resistance. Metal chromium is harmful to human body, especially hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic, and the primer contains heavy metals such as chromium. Pigments can cause serious harm to construction workers during paint preparation and film formation, and are even permanent to the environment. The waterborne epoxy primer containing graphene developed by our company has passed the repeated experiments and salt spray resistance test, which not only meets the anti-corrosion performance requirements, but also is more environmentally friendly.

High-speed EMU

3. The paint film has good wear resistance
    The running speed of high-speed trains is 200~400km/h, and the span of operation is wide. It is complicated by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and the sandstorm pollution is serious in some areas. This requires high-speed operation of the paint film of the motor train with sufficient wear resistance, that is, paint. The film combines sufficient hardness and toughness. The water-based paint added with graphene has a hardness of 4H and good flexibility. At the same time, the surface of the paint film is smooth and the scratch resistance of the paint film is excellent.
4. Excellent weather resistance
    The failure of the car body decoration is mainly caused by the loss of light or discoloration of the top coat, and the blistering, falling off, scratching and abrasion of the paint film. Due to the harsh operating environment of the motor car, the requirements for photoaging, powdering and embrittlement of the exterior paint on the exterior of the vehicle are strict. A water-based topcoat of graphene is added, and the aging test can be carried out for several hours.

graphene waterborne coatings in EMU

5. The coating process is more economical and environmentally friendly
    The traditional air spraying operation method uses a spray gun as a tool and uses compressed air as a carrier for spraying. In the production process, a large amount of paint is dissipated into the air in the form of atomization, which is not only expensive, but also causes more serious air pollution. When a trace amount of graphene (about 2% to 4%) is added as a conductive agent in the water-based paint, an electrostatic spray process can be realized, which not only has high paint utilization efficiency, relatively low cost, is environmentally friendly, but also has a high production speed and decoration. High performance and other advantages.
6. Water-based paint higher solid content coating is more environmentally friendly
    A coating with a solid content of 65% to 85% is called a high solids coating, referred to as HSC (High Solid Coat). The development of HSC is the solventless coating, but the solvent content of the commonly used high solids coatings still accounts for about 30%. The waterborne paint uses water as the dispersion medium and the organic solvent content is small, which not only saves a lot of resources, but also saves a lot of resources. Improve the working environment and minimize pollution.
    The above is about the "importance of the use of graphene water-based paints for EMUs". Next, I will introduce you to "What should I pay attention to when designing port machinery anti-corrosion coatings?" Relevant information, welcome to follow us for updated information!