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Types and characteristics of spray booth of automatic spray production line


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Spray booth is necessary to each automatic spray equipment, because spray booth can not only ensure the coating environment and improve coating quality but also can prevent the paint fog and exhaust gas to pollute the environment, so as to meet the national development of green coating requirement. There are 3 types of spray booths generally equipped in automatic coating production, the main advantages as follows:

Dry spray booth:
The main consists of the spray booth are booth body, air supply system, exhaust system and paint fog filter system etc. Dry spray booths use layered filters to separate the paint particulate from the airstream passing through the filter. The first stage is paint mist filter, and the second stage is activated carbon adsorption. The filter with simple replacement and the activated carbon can be recycle and reused. For the huge workpiece coating, can equipped with ground chain conveyor system for convey.
Water curtain spray booth:
water curtain spray booth has extensively application in automatic coating, the characteristic is to use flow water curtain to collect and take away the paint mist, the exhaust system ensure the paint mist not leakage to protect the coating environment. It is composed of chamber body, tank body, water curtain plate, water circulation system, spray system, steam separation system, paint sludge removal system and exhaust system.
Use water as a filtration medium instead of the dry filters. The overspray is collected and trapped in the water curtain or scrubber section of the washer and then is dropped down into a collection tank. The collection tank eventually becomes filled with paint sludge and then needs to be cleaned. Many times a centrifuge or some other type of sludge removal system – a critical issue for high production finishers – is designed into the water wash booth system to remove the paint sludge on a continuous basis.
Water revolving spray paint booth:
The structure designs the air supply from top and exhaust fan installed on the bottom, adopts the water revolving instruction to removel the paint mist. The main consists of booth body, air supply system, paint mist filter system, exhaust ejectment system, water recycle system and water revolving equipments. The working principle is, according to the atomization principle of gas-liquid mixture, as there is a greatly differs of speed between water and air, the water can be misted absolutely by air, and then mixed with paint fog, then condensation, finally the water and paint sludge left in the water. You only should treatment the water, which can reduce the cost of disposal. 
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