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Classification and structural composition of automobile spray paint booth


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According to the different heating methods, automobile spray paint booths can be generally divided into fuel heating type, gas heating type and electric heating type. The fuel-heated automobile spray booth is a device that indirectly heats the air medium by burning heat generated by the oil (kerosene, diesel or waste oil) and performs a paint baking operation therein.

The gas-heated automobile spray paint booth is a device for indirectly heating an air medium by burning gaseous fuel (natural gas, city butterfly gas, liquefied gas, etc.) and performing a paint baking operation therein. The electric heating type automobile spray paint booth is a device for directly heating the air medium by electric energy heat and performing the paint baking process therein. In the general sense, the automobile spray paint booth has two functions of painting and baking paint, and has ventilation and air purification when painting. The paint mist treatment and the hot air function in winter; the paint has the functions of temperature rise, constant humidity and exhaust gas treatment.

automobile spray paint booth

The car spray booth should be composed of chamber body, lighting, air supply system, exhaust system, circulation heating system, air purification system, exhaust gas treatment system, pressure control device and electronic control system. The following is an example of a fuel-heated car paint booth to illustrate the composition of a car spray booth.
1. Chamber body

The chamber body consists of two parts: the housing and the base. The housing insulation board is made of light composite chamber insulation material. The inner and outer plates of the thermal insulation board are all spray-coated zinc-plated steel sheets, and the middle is filled with thermal insulation material, and the inner and outer plates are integrally pressed with the thermal insulation material. A plurality of reinforcing beams (formed by galvanized sheets) are uniformly arranged in the longitudinal direction of the housing body, and reinforcing beams are used at the top of the housing body to ensure the rigidity and strength of the housing body. The base is composed of a base body, a grille, a non-slip bottom plate and a column which meet the bearing requirements, and the base body is bent by a galvanized plate to ensure the performance of the entire chamber body.
2. Gate and operation safety system

The chamber body is non-pass type, and there are 2 or 3 gates at both ends of the spray paint booth. Each door is equipped with a tempered glass window, and the glass is sealed by a gate bead. Each door is made of cast steel hinge. The connection is flexible and the inside is equipped with a large door latch assembly for easy operation. At the same time, a safety door is placed on one side of the chamber to facilitate the entry and exit of workers. The safety door is equipped with a mechanical pressure lock. When the pressure in the room exceeds 120Pa, the pressure relief is automatically opened.

automobile spray paint booth

3. Lighting system

The upper and lower rows of lighting devices are installed on the top or side of the chamber body, and the top side lamp group is installed at a 45-angle angle of 4×40W×4 groups×2 rows; the waist side lamp group is installed in the panel, and is arranged The mode is 2 x 18W x 4 sets x 2 lines, ensuring the light service intensity ≥ 800 Lux when working. The lighting in the chamber is selected from fluorescent lamps installed in the sealed casing. The lamp adopts an explosion-proof high-efficiency light source and uses a special ballast. The high temperature resistant wire is housed in the insulated protective tube and is fixed for safety and maintenance.
4. Delivery and exhaust system

The blower uses a series of fans with low noise, large air volume and low energy consumption. The filtered fresh air is sent into the room. The exhaust fan adopts a non-axial flow fan, and the exhaust gas generated by the paint is processed and discharged through the purification system in time. To ensure the balance of air volume in the car grave paint room, to maintain the room body in the micro-positive pressure state when painting, so as to ensure the quality of spraying. The damper is equipped to adjust the air intake and circulation air volume to meet the temperature rise requirements within the specified time.
5. Heating ring system

The heating system mainly includes a burner and a thermal energy circulation heating converter. The burner should have a sweeping time of not less than 8s and have interlocking protection function; the thermal energy converter should be made of stainless steel with heat resistance, rust prevention and good thermal conductivity, which requires reasonable structure, safety and reliability, and large heat exchange area. High heat exchange efficiency. The oil connection is reliable and firm, and a fuel check valve is installed at the inlet of the oil circuit. The medium-sized automobile spray paint booth adopts the heat exchanger made of stainless steel imported from Japan, and has obtained the national utility model patent. It adopts the three-cycle structure and has the advantages of large heat exchange area, high heat exchange efficiency, low back pressure and fuel saving. There is a safety explosion-proof device.

automobile spray paint booth

6. Air purification system

The cleanliness of the air in the paint booth is an important indicator of the quality of the paint booth. This indicator is guaranteed by the air purification system. The air filtration in the spray booth is a 2-stage filtration, which is a combination of primary filtration and precision-grade sub-high filtration (top filtration). The top filter material is placed at the bottom of the static pressure chamber and supported by a top net. The top net is made of corrugated C-shaped steel. After special anti-rust treatment, it is easy to replace the top cotton. It can be dismantled freely. There will be no fibers or particles falling when replaced. The primary filter layer can effectively capture dust particles larger than 10μm in diameter. The precision-grade sub-high-efficiency filter layer has a multi-layer structure, which can effectively capture dust particles larger than 4μm in diameter. The whole filter system has large dust holding capacity, low resistance and long service life. .
7. Exhaust gas treatment system

The exhaust gas generated by the painting and drying operation can be processed to meet the comprehensive emission standards of atmospheric pollutants. The first glass fiber mat is applied to the bottom of the chamber body to adsorb large overspray granules, and the second glass fiber mat is disposed under the exhaust fan to adsorb small overspray granules. The dry treatment method is to set M-shaped activated carbon under the exhaust fan to absorb harmful components in the exhaust gas; the wet treatment method is equipped with an international advanced pumpless water treatment device under the action of the large blade fan, the wind speed is fast, and the paint mist treatment rate is high. The whole machine has the best running performance and the exhaust emission reaches the GB16297-1996 standard.
8. Electronic control system

The whole electronic control system is controlled by PLC program, and the large-screen color liquid crystal displays all the operating processes, and automatically displays various programs required for spraying and baking. When spraying, the fan and the exhaust fan are chained, and the air is sent first after the air is blown; when the paint is painted, the air supply and the heating are interlocked, and the heater is started after the air is sent first; the baking temperature is displayed by the digital temperature controller and the required process temperature is controlled. It has an upper temperature protection function and is interlocked with the burner.

The above is about the "category and structural composition of automotive spray paint booth", the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!