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How does the car spray booth work?


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The car spray booth is generally used to spray and bake car paint. Therefore, the exact description of the car spray booth should be “car paint booth”. Next, I will introduce the working principle of the car painting operation and the working principle of the baking work for everyone.

1. How the painting operation works

During the lacquer operation, the fresh air enters the air from the air inlet of the air supply device, and after being filtered by the initial effect, it is sent to the independent static pressure chamber at the top of the chamber body by the blower, and is uniformly sent to the chamber body through the top precision level sub-high efficiency filtration ( The laminar flow mode flows from top to bottom. At this time, the air content is less than 15mg/m3, the maximum particle diameter is less than 4μm, and the air velocity of the spray operation area is 03m~04ms. 


The airflow evenly surrounds the workpiece, and the spray mist does not pass. Splash, thereby improving the labor hygiene conditions of workers when operating. The overspray mist is sucked under the negative pressure of the bottom exhaust vent, passes through the grid net, and enters the paint mist filter device horizontally. 


At this time, most of the paint particles and particles are adsorbed by gravity, and a small amount of paint particles pass through. The bottom filter device is thoroughly filtered and adhered, thereby effectively preventing the paint particles from negatively affecting the activated carbon layer, and the organic solvent in the exhaust gas is adsorbed by the active adsorption device disposed before the suction port of the exhaust fan. 


At this time, the concentration of harmful gas in the spray booth is far lower than the maximum allowable concentration of the national standard. At the same time, under the action of the exhaust fan, the airflow flows through the exhaust air filter system to the exhaust duct, and the gas that meets the discharge standard is discharged after environmental treatment.

principle of the car spray booth

When painting, the inside and outside of the paint booth should be kept clean and free of flammable and explosive materials; the car must be in the state of being painted; the fan should work for a period of time (5min-6min) before painting; the operator must be the body Wear clean overalls, wear protective masks, etc.; when spraying, the spray gun must not exceed the height of the breathing belt.

2. How does the baking work work?


When baking paint, the external fresh air is filtered by the fan through the primary filter, then exchanged with the heat exchanger and then sent to the top of the spray booth, and then filtered through the filter to be sent to the spray booth. After the hot air is discharged from the bottom, in addition to sucking a small amount of fresh air through the inner circulation of the damper, most of it is further heated and used, and sent to the interior of the spray paint booth, so that the temperature in the spray booth is gradually increased. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops. 


When the temperature drops below 4°C-5°C below the set temperature, the fan and burner are automatically turned on, so that the temperature in the spray booth remains constant. Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the spray booth automatically shuts down and the paint finishes. After the painting is finished, the vehicle should be allowed to stand for 15min-20min (leveling) and then painted to prevent sagging and orange peel. Before turning on the paint, you must turn off the power switch and set the temperature and time. Otherwise, the wet controller and timer may be damaged.


The above is about the "working principle of automotive spray paint room", the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!  Watch more videos

How does the car spray booth work?

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