How many common spray booths and their working principles do you know?


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The exact name of the spray booth should be “spray paint booth”, which is used to provide a relatively closed, clean space for the painted parts to maintain a certain temperature. According to the paint mist treatment method, the spray booth can be easily divided into two types: dry spray booth and wet spray booth. The wet spray booth can be divided into three types: water curtain spray booth, pumpless curtain spray booth and water rotary spray booth. 


Therefore, the common four spray booths are dry spray booth, water curtain spray booth, pumpless curtain spray booth, and water-rotating spray booth. Next, I will introduce the four spray booths for everyone. See how many do you know?

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1. Dry spray booth

The dry spray booth is one of the currently recognized technically complete spray booths. It has changed the pollution of the old spray booth working area, poor paint mist treatment, poor safety, unstable performance, and inability to meet environmental requirements. The dry spray booth has the advantages of advanced design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency of paint mist treatment, stable performance, safety and reliability, good rigidity and no shadow. The dry spray booth is mainly composed of chamber system, passive air filter system, paint mist filter system, organic waste gas treatment system, exhaust air system, lighting system and control system.


The advantages of the dry spray booth: simple structure, uniform ventilation and wind pressure, low paint loss and high coating efficiency. Since water is not used, it is not necessary to carry out wastewater treatment, and the operation cost is low. Change the spray booth without water and oil.


2. Water curtain spray booth

The water curtain spray booth is a wet processing equipment. The front of the equipment is a water curtain board, the water curtain board is an overflow tank, and the water curtain board is a multi-stage water curtain filter. When painting, the paint mist entering the spray booth first meets the water curtain and is washed into the water tank. The remaining paint mist is intercepted in the water as it passes through the multi-stage water curtain filter. The water in the water tank is lifted by the water pump to the overflow of the water curtain and the multi-stage water curtain filter, and overflows to the water curtain plate to form a water curtain. 


The water curtain spray booth interior is a stainless steel water curtain panel. The structure of the water curtain panel is advanced and reasonable, ensuring the indoor airflow speed, improving the paint lacquering rate and the residual paint capture rate. The water curtain layer is even, continuous, reliable and uninterrupted with waterless splash. The scroll device and the gas-water separation baffle can be assembled and disassembled, which can fully wash and separate the residual paint and soda water, can achieve the purification environment and conveniently solve the problem of cleaning and preservation of the paint residue on the board, and is particularly convenient for maintenance.


The water curtain spray booth is composed of a chamber body, a water tank, a stainless steel water curtain panel, a water circulation system, a suction filtration system, etc., and the workpiece is sprayed normally, and the waste paint is effectively prevented from being polluted and polluting the environment.


The working principle of the water curtain spray booth: the workpiece is sent to the spray booth through the hanging conveyor, or the workpiece is placed on the table. The operator uses a hand-held electrostatic spray gun or a fixed cup spray gun to spray the workpiece using an electrostatic spray gun, which has a good paint mist collection effect. The scattered spray paint mist is sucked to the water curtain for purification with the airflow, and after being sprayed and purified, the purified gas is discharged to the outside through the gas-water separation device. 


The paint mist captured by the water curtain oozes into the water tank with the water flow, and is pumped and filtered by the water pump, and the paint residue floats on the water surface. Then, the paint coagulant is added into the pool, and the paint residue is condensed into a loose mass, and then the container is used for centralized treatment to keep the water clean, thereby completing the purpose of purifying the paint mist.


Water curtain spray booth application range: workpiece spraying in machinery, auto parts, metal products, decorative parts, home appliances, furniture and other industries. Water curtain spray booth is suitable for: single-side spraying, or multiple combinations for double-sided spraying.

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3. No pump water curtain spray booth

The pumpless water curtain spray booth uses air-induced water to form a circulating water curtain. After the air with the paint mist collides with the water curtain, it enters the gas water passage through the water curtain, and it is strongly mixed with the water in the passage. When entering the gas collection box, the flow velocity suddenly decreases, the gas and water are separated, and the air passes through the water retaining device. 


After the board is discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan; the separated water flows into the overflow tank after the gas collection tank is collected, and the water overflows from the overflow tank to the flooding plate to form a water curtain and flows back to the water tank. A special flocculant is added to the circulating water to change the adhesion of the paint mist, so that the paint mist forms a slag and is easy to clean. Principle: Using the high-speed induction air pumping, the exhaust system and the water lifting system are combined into one, forming a water-free system with no pump, which saves the entire pump circulating water supply system, simplifies the structure and reduces the floor space; After the pump-free circulating water supply is realized, the fatal defects of the existing pump water supply system are easy to be blocked by the paint slag, the maintenance is simple, the equipment performance is reliable, the fault is not easy to be used, and the use is convenient; the air containing the paint mist passes through the water curtain and the water The curtain and the gas water passage are strongly mixed with the water mist to form a multi-stage purification process, which improves the purification efficiency.


The working principle of the pumpless water curtain spray booth: the workpiece is placed on the rotatable working platform set in the front chamber during work, the paint sprayer paints the workpiece in the front chamber, and the front chamber is formed by the suction of the fan to form the air flow from the outside. The paint mist formed by the spray paint is discharged through the spray booth and discharged into the workshop to ensure that the working environment of the paint shop and the paint sprayer are not contaminated by the paint mist. At the same time, the paint mist is discharged by the water when it passes through the spray booth. The through-chamber is used for large-scale painting operations of small and medium-sized workpieces. The workpiece is passed through the hanging chain from one side of the spray booth into the spray booth and from the other side, and the painter completes the painting work when the workpiece passes through the front chamber.


Application range of pumpless water curtain spray booth: painting and paint mist filtration operations in various industries such as machinery, electrical instruments, light industry, aircraft, and locomotive.

working principle of spray booth

4. Water spray paint booth:

The water-rotating spray booth is powered by the upper air supply, and the paint mist trapping device is located below the spray booth, which is suitable for large and medium-sized workpieces. The water mist is used as a medium, and the paint mist processing device which fully mixes the paint mist and the water in the lower portion of the spray booth is adopted by means of air suction under the upper air supply. The water spray booth can be large or small, suitable for advanced spraying of large and medium-sized workpieces.


Working principle of water rotary spray booth: fresh air is sent to the pressure equalization chamber at the top of the water spray paint chamber through the air-conditioning air supply device. After the current flow regulator and the filter layer, it is evenly fed at a wind speed of 0.45 m/s. In the chamber, from top to bottom, the workpiece is placed in a uniform layer with a certain wind speed, so that the splashed waste paint mist is pressed into the water spray booth water swirler, and the water is atomized and the waste paint under the impact of high-speed airflow. The fog is fully mixed, so that the paint mist is attracted to the water and taken away. 


After the moistureous air is separated by the gas and water, the clean air is sent into the atmosphere through the exhaust system, and the purification rate of the paint mist is ≥98%; The water containing the paint mist flows into the circulating pool, and is condensed and purified (the special coagulant is periodically added in the water), and then sent to the spray booth by the circulation pump for recycling. The floating paint slag is periodically removed and then deeply buried or incinerated.


Water spray paint room applications: household appliances, bicycles, household and commercial steel furniture, automotive, motorcycle parts and surface coating, instrumentation housing, electrical cabinets, agricultural machinery, sports equipment, and others.


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How many common spray booths and their working principles do you know?

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