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The composition and technical performance of the car paint booth


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The paint booth is a device used to paint and dry the surface of the equipment. It not only plays an aesthetic role, but also protects the furniture. It can prevent objects from being corroded in the harsh environment of moisture and dust. Spraying can prevent metal parts from being eroded and delay the aging of furniture. At the same time, it can be painted to paint the object to achieve an artistic aesthetic design style, so that the appearance of the object is more beautiful. , bringing more business value and visual beauty. The paint booth is an important equipment for the decoration and repair of the surface of the object through technical treatment. In short, the paint booth is generally used for spraying and baking paint. Therefore, the most accurate description of the paint booth should be “spray paint room”. Widely used in automotive, machinery, hardware, furniture, FRP products, chemical equipment and other industries on the surface of painting, paint construction operations.

car paint booth

The automotive paint booth is a new generation of automotive paint and paint-making equipment that has been improved by many technical updates. It fully absorbs the world's advanced level, stable performance, high quality, and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The companies and maintenance owners who buy the paint booth are very concerned about the price, and the paint equipment ignores the technical parameters.
The composition of the paint room:
1. Burner: 24 sets of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving infrared electric heating
2. Paint room fan: Choose 2 sets of 3kw Hengtong low noise centrifugal fan
3. Lighting: 5 sets of waist lights, 8 sets of ceiling lights, total lighting power 1400W
4. Outsole: using channel steel, square tube and angle steel welding or steel grid bottom
5. Heating zone Adopt galvanized sheet, 5cm rock wool board insulation, EPS color steel plate, double insulation, steel plate thickness 0.6cm
6. Control box: with leakage, phase loss protection, over temperature alarm, constant temperature and other functions
7. Filter cotton: SF-600G filter cotton
8. Box: 4*4 stainless steel square tube welding
9.Environmental protection device: The paint equipment uses fiber box bottom cotton and activated carbon adsorption device
10. Outsole: Glass fiber lacquer net for the whole bottom
11. Total power: 30kw
Car paint room performance description:
1. This model is suitable for spraying and baking paint for small cars and medium-sized vans.
2. For normal grilling, the energy consumption of infrared energy is 10 degrees/hour.

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