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Safety instructions for natural gas curing ovens on the spray line


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We all know that the solidification furnace using direct combustion of natural gas has the characteristics of efficient utilization of heat energy and no heat source. However, the safe use of the curing furnace has become a problem for many people, especially the gas supply of the burner. Problems and operational problems. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the safe use of the curing oven.

curing oven

    The burner must supply air according to the requirements of the burner. The air pressure must not be too large, which may cause dangerous explosion (burning pressure 3~7Kpa).

    In the event of a malfunction, the burner should be shut down in time to check the cause and ensure that there is no danger to start the machine.

    If there is pressure fluctuation in the combustion process, flame instability, abnormal ignition of large and small fires, noise, vibration, abnormal wind pressure in the combustion chamber, and abnormal air mixture, stop and check immediately.

    During the maintenance process, if the continuous ignition abnormality exceeds two times, it should be stopped immediately, and the combustion chamber door should be opened for gas discharge for 10 minutes before it can be ignited again to avoid causing the explosion of the gas density of the combustion chamber.

    Set the temperature of the hot room over temperature, which is higher than the drying temperature of 80~120 °C as the protection temperature. The over temperature controller and the drying detection temperature are independently controlled.

    The wind pressure protection is fixedly set to prevent the burner from being stopped in time when the mixed air is abnormal.

curing oven

Use operation:
    Check the gas pressure before commissioning, adjust the air and gas ratio of the burner to allow the gas to burn fully. Adjust the air damper and the gas damper to burn the flame to a bright yellow color, and use the instrument to check whether the carbon monoxide

emissions after combustion are up to standard.

    Set the drying/curing temperature, turn on the combustion air blower, and purify. The system automatically defaults to a 30 second purge time to dilute the combustible gas that may remain in the hot chamber. After 30 seconds, the burner is started, and the burner performs an internal safety scan. After the purge is completed, the burner is fired, and the main fire is normally burned.

curing oven

    The temperature checked by the probe is compared with the set temperature, and the main fire full power combustion or PID control work is performed when the set temperature is not reached. After the set temperature is reached, the main fire is stopped and the parent fire continues to work to ensure that the temperature is constant within ±3 °C of the set temperature range.

    The above is the relevant content of “Safe Use of Natural Gas Curing Furnace in Spraying Production Line!”, more information about spraying production line, welcome to follow us for updated information!