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Working principle and evaluation criteria of automobile spray paint booth


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Automotive paint baking is a very important process in the car manufacturing process, and it is related to the length of the car's entire life cycle. The choice of car spray booth is especially important. Before that, we need to understand the working principle of the car spray booth before we can better choose and use it. Next, I will briefly introduce the working principle of the car spray booth.

car spray booth

The working principle of the car spray booth: When the paint is carried out, the external air is filtered by the primary filter and sent to the roof by the fan, and then purified by the top filter to enter the room. Adjust the damper to the painted position, the hot air circulates, and the temperature in the baking room rises rapidly to the predetermined drying temperature (55 ° C - 60 ° C). After the fan filters the external fresh air, the whole car paint room is assembled. The house body adopts the mother-inserted thermal insulation spray wall panel, which has good sealing and heat preservation performance. The aluminum alloy is covered with a door and the center of the door is equipped with an observation window. The temperature in the room can be observed at any time; after heat exchange with the heat energy converter, it is sent to the air chamber at the top of the paint booth, and after a second filtration purification, the hot air passes through the inner circulation of the damper, except for sucking a small amount of fresh air. Most of the hot air is continuously heated and utilized, so that the temperature in the paint room is gradually increased. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops; when the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and the burner are automatically turned on again, so that the temperature in the paint booth remains relatively constant. Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the paint booth automatically shuts down and the paint finishes.

automobile spray paint booth

As we all know, choosing a suitable car spray booth can not only meet the requirements of high-level paint painting to a large extent, so that we can spray a good body paint surface in a short time, and it can also bring safety to the paint master. Healthy, bright, and comfortable working environment. So, what kind of car spray booth is selected is qualified?
1. Brightness

Generally speaking, the brightness of the paint room needs to reach 800-1000 lux, and it is necessary to use the light close to the D65 light source, and the wall inside the room should be matte white;
2. Air flow

The air in the paint booth flows evenly from top to bottom, and the flow rate is 0.2-0.3 m/s;
3. Filter effect

This depends on the type of paint roof cotton. Usually the repair shop uses EU5 and EU6 models. You can use the sun light to illuminate the upper part when using the paint booth. Usually, the fine dust per square meter should be less than 5 4 Wall sealing effect. The paint booth must be sealed and there should be no accumulation of paint dust at the joints;
4. Guaranteed positive pressure

The air volume of the paint room should be slightly larger than the air volume, so that the paint room is kept under positive pressure;

automotive spray paint room

5. Heating system sealing effect

It should be well sealed around the burner and the chimney, and there should be no putty after burning;
6. Heating rate

The time for the paint room to rise from 20 °C to 60 °C is about 10 to 15 minutes. At the same time, it should be noted that some paint booths are not allowed. The temperature of the metal body in the paint booth is subject to the temperature measurement.

The above is about the "working principle and evaluation criteria of automotive spray paint room", the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line equipment, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!