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Daily maintenance of the paint room


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I don't know if you found out that the newly built paint booth is very good, and the painted parts are also very good. However, after years of heavy use, the paint room is covered with thick dust and paint, and the inner wall is yellow or even black, and the construction effect is not good. Faced with these problems, in fact, as long as everyone can properly use and maintain the paint room in daily life, these problems can be completely avoided. The following is a summary of the daily maintenance of the paint room, and take notes!

Daily maintenance of the paint room

In terms of daily maintenance, to maintain the good construction effect of the paint booth, the following cleaning and inspection work should be done regularly:
(1.) Clean the walls, glass and platform base in the room every day to avoid accumulation of dust and paint dust;
(2.) The floor dust-proof fiber cotton should be replaced every 150 hours;
(3.) The air inlet dust net should be replaced every 300h;
(4.) Clean the air inlet dust net every week and check whether there is any accumulation of the exhaust dust net. If the air pressure in the room increases without any reason, the exhaust dust net must be replaced.
(5.) Clean the water tray every month and clean the diesel filter on the burner;
(6.) Check whether the drive belts of the intake and exhaust motors are slacked every quarter;
(7.) Clean the entire paint booth and floor pedestal every six months, check the circulating air valve, air intake and exhaust fan bearings, check the exhaust passage of the burner, clean the deposits in the fuel tank, clean the water-repellent protective film of the paint booth and re-install Spraying
(8.) The entire heat energy converter, including the combustion chamber and the exhaust passage, should be cleaned every year, and the paint roof cotton should be replaced every year or every 1200h.

Daily maintenance of the paint room

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following items in the use of paint booth:

(1.) Non-essential personnel are not allowed to enter the paint booth.
(2.) Before spraying, it is necessary to check whether the air pressure of the spraying is normal, and to ensure that the filtering system is clean;
(3.) Must wear the specified spray paint and wear safety equipment to enter the paint booth for operation;
(4.) When performing baking operations, the flammable materials in the paint booth must be taken out of the house;
(5.) Check the air compressor and the oil-water micro-dust separator to keep the paint hose clean;
(6.) Spray guns, paint hoses and paint tanks should be stored in a clean place;
(7.) Except for dust removal with a blow gun and a sticky cloth, all other pre-spraying procedures should be completed outside the paint booth;
(8.) Only the spraying and baking process can be carried out in the paint booth, and the paint room door can only be opened when the vehicle enters and exits. When opening the door, the air circulation system during spraying must be activated to generate positive pressure to ensure the outside of the room. Dust cannot enter the room;

Daily maintenance of the paint room

If the above points are taken into consideration and the reasonable use and maintenance are carried out, the paint booth will become easier and more tidy during the construction process, and at the same time, the task can be completed with good quality and quantity, and it will surely show a good spraying effect.

The above is about the "daily maintenance of the paint room!" related information, the information provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line equipment, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!