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What is the UV spray line spraying method and characteristics?


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The UV automatic spraying line spraying method uses ultraviolet light to pass through a certain degree of liquid chemicals such as illuminating glue, paint, ink, etc. during the curing process, so that it is instantaneously solidified, and no solvent is volatilized during the processing. It has less material loss and environmental pollution than human factors. For uv-coated products, the gloss to hardness is ideal for manufacturers.

UV spray line spraying

Compared with general paint varnish, the characteristics of UV automatic spraying line are as follows:
1. Fast curing speed UV coatings are cured under UV photon irradiation (UV UV lamps), usually in about 1 second or less, allowing rapid continuous operation and greatly improving production efficiency.
2. Commonly used oligomers in UV coatings, such as epoxy acrylates, urethane acrylates, polyester acrylates, polyether acrylates, acrylated polyacrylic resins and unsaturated polyesters, and various acrylates. Monofunctional or polyfunctional monomers, which can initiate room temperature polymerization and cross-linking by free radical photons under the action of ultraviolet photons, are particularly advantageous for the coating of heat sensitive substrates such as wood, paper and plastic.
3. Energy Savings UV coatings do not require heat and drying, resulting in energy savings of 75% to 90% compared to conventional hot dry coatings during construction.
4. Saves floor space The various coating equipments of UV coatings are compact, do not need drying tunnels, are easy and quick to operate, and are easy to automate production, thus saving equipment footprint and reducing working space.
5. Non-polluting environment UV coating is a solvent-free or solvent-free coating. VOC is volatilized into the atmosphere during film formation, and it does not pollute the environment. It is easy to meet the environmental regulations of the government or the legislature.
6. Improve product performance UV coating realizes cross-linking polymerization between components under the action of ultraviolet photons, rapidly solidifies liquid into film, and has a three-dimensional network structure, which can improve the surface properties of the paint film, such as hardness and flexibility. , abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, high gloss, durability, etc.

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