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What are the advantages of automatic spraying compared to manual spraying?


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With the rapid development of the spray industry, the spray process has evolved from the original manual spray to the current automatic spray. And you will find that the increasing labor costs, the flow of spray technology workers, the time and cost of training new employees, etc., are becoming more and more a trend in the spray industry. Many spray plants are changing from manual spray lines. Automatic spraying line. However, what are the advantages of automatic spraying compared to manual spraying? Next, I will give you a detailed analysis!

automatic spraying

1. The quality of automatic spray coating is higher than that of ordinary manual spray.

The automatic spray equipment is capable of accurately jetting the trajectory without offset and provides good control of the start of the spray gun. Because the automatic spraying equipment is sprayed according to the parameters already set, the sprayed film has small quality error and higher stability.
2. Using automatic spraying saves paint compared to normal manual spraying.

When you look at the manual spray shop often, you will find that the waste of paint is still very serious. In addition to the workers' awareness and operational skills, there is a great relationship with manual spray guns that cannot be used for qualitative and quantitative control. The automatic spraying can control the amount of paint sprayed by qualitative and quantitative, reduce the waste of paint, prolong the filter life, reduce the sludge ash content of the spray booth, significantly extend the working time of the filter, and reduce the scale of the spray booth.
3. Spray with a spray robot for better process control.

The high quality automatic spray control system allows the user to control all spray parameters such as electrostatic charge, atomization area, fan width and product pressure.
4. The flexibility of using automatic spraying is increasing compared to manual spraying.

We all know that the artificial spraying line is very flexible, it can spray a variety of products with complex coatings, and the manual line spraying is flexible and can be changed at any time. However, as auto-spraying robots continue to evolve, it is now possible to spray many complex geometries or products of different sizes and colors. In addition, a simple programming system allows automatic operation of small batch production. After the initial production, the robotic spray line can be updated at any time.

manual spraying

5. Automated spraying is more environmentally friendly than normal manual hand spraying.

Today's automatic spraying lines are generally equipped with environmentally friendly processing equipment, such as waste gas treatment cabinets, wastewater treatment equipment and other environmental protection equipment, which not only reduce environmental pollution, but also improve the working environment of workers;
6. Automated spraying is more efficient than manual hand spraying.

Because the automatic coating line is automated, it can be sprayed 24 hours and the production speed is stable. Spray efficiency increased by 30%!
7. Compared to manual spraying, automatic spraying can reduce costs and increase profits.

The use of automatic spray lines saves more labor costs, because the automatic spray line is automated, so fewer people are needed than manual spray lines, which saves a lot of labor.
8. Automatic spraying can solve the problem of difficult recruitment and difficult management of manual spraying.

As the quality of life improves, more and more people are paying more attention to health issues. Because the gas emitted during spraying is a harmful gas, it is very harmful to the painter, and few people are willing to do this kind of work that is relatively harmful to the human body. Moreover, competition is becoming more and more fierce, and there is an unprecedented shortage of personnel competition, so that many companies are unable to recruit spray workers. In addition, the management of workers is also a big problem, and it requires a lot of management costs.

automatic spraying

Of course, we are not bragging about how good automatic spraying is, and it also has some shortcomings. For example, an automatic spraying line contains more equipment, so its price is higher, the initial investment is larger; in addition, because the automatic spraying line is mechanically operated according to the program, the automatic spraying line is compared with manual spraying. The line is not so flexible, and there are fewer types of products to be sprayed. For some products with complex coatings and small demands, manual spraying is required.

All in all, artificial and automatic lines have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose a suitable production line for your own products. If you need to produce in large quantities, high quality, low cost and high stability, you can choose automatic spraying production line. Although the initial investment is high, the long-term intention to use automatic spraying will have higher return on investment. If the product has some complicated coating surfaces, high process requirements, good flexibility and small demand, the manual spraying production line is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

The above is about "What are the advantages of automatic spraying compared with manual spraying?" The information is provided by 25 years of coating production line manufacturer Chuangzhi coating finishing, more information about the coating production line equipment, welcome to pay attention to our update News!