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The difference and connection between electrostatic painting and powder coating


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Most of the time, we think of electrostatic painting and electrostatic powder coating is the same thing, in fact, there are differences between them but also there is a necessary connection between them.
Electrostatic painting
Electrostatic painting is based on the principle of electrostatic attraction, refers to the use of corona discharge principle atomized coating under the action of high voltage dc electric field negative charge, and adsorbed on the positive charge substrate surface discharge coating method. Both the solvent-based paint and power paint can be used by electrostatic coating.
The benefits of electrostatic painting:
1.Improving the work condition and reduce the laboring. Most electrostatic painting equipment equipped with overhead conveying system, the entire line is highly automated. When spraying in the high-voltage electrostatic condition, the diffusion of the paint mist is less than the atmospheric spraying or airless spraying, so the pollution of the coating environment has been significantly improved.
2. High paint utilization. In high - voltage electrostatic field spraying, paint fog loss is small, paint utilization rate can reach 85% ~ 90% or above.
3. High quality of coating. As a result of the action of high voltage electrostatic field, coating particle dispersity is high, the coating that forms in the surface of the workpiece that be besmeared consequently also more level off, even, the burnish of paint film, adhesion is taller.
Powder coating
Powder coating is the use of powder coating equipment (electrostatic spray molding machine) to coat powder coating to the surface of the workpiece, under the electrostatic, powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powder coating; Powder coating after high temperature baking curing, into different effects (powder coating different types of effects) of the final coating.
Under the environmental protection laws and regulations, limit VOC emissions so that powder spraying will be faster promotion and application, if in the coating line and solvent, water-based coating for comparison, comprehensive evaluation, powder spraying will replace other coating.
From the above, we know that, the electrostatic painting includes power coating and other solvent-based paint, but the main equipment of power coating is electrostatic painting. Under the environmental protection laws and regulations, limit VOC emissions so that the electrostatic power coating will be the mainstream of the painting industry.


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