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How to reduce the waste of paint during manual spraying?


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Some time ago, I saw that the netizens had such a confusion: "They are now spraying a kind of paint called "Dacro". The workpieces are small and irregular. When the workers operate one by one, the paint is wasted too much, is there any good? The method or the tools such as molds and hangers can be used." I believe that many customers have encountered such a situation. How to reduce the waste of paint during the manual spraying process?

manual spraying

First of all, the waste of paint and coating is largely related to the working habits and operating skills of the painter. It is necessary to master the correct operation skills. Enterprises can use the correct paint operation skills training, through standardized training and management, to train painters to turn this skill into a habit, not only can save paint, obtain coatings that meet quality requirements, avoid paint quality and manpower consumption, and reduce waste. The chance of being generated. It can also increase production efficiency while greatly reducing environmental pollution. Here are some tips on how to properly paint your paint:

1. Manual spray gun operation
(1.) The gun should be in motion before the trigger is turned;
(2.) Keep the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece constant, not far from time to time;
(3.) The spray gun should move at a constant speed;
(4.) At the same work, the starting point of the first itinerary should be the same;
(5.) The surface of the workpiece should be covered by a wet lacquer;
(6.) The amount of overlap of adjacent strokes remains the same;
(7.) For the same workpiece, the number of strokes should be consistent;

manual spraying

2. Manual spraying stroke
(1.) The movement path of the spray gun is kept parallel to the surface of the workpiece;
(2.) The gun body is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, otherwise it will cause waste of paint;
(3.) Do not allow the spray gun to move in an arc, in order to move the operator's forearms and shoulders, not just the wrist;
(4.) Adjacent lines should have a lap;
(5.) For ordinary airless, the amount of overlap is 50%; for airless, the amount of overlap is 25%;
(6.) When the uniformity of the coating thickness is required to be high, the cross method should be used, first in the direction of the straightness.
3. Manual spray gun distance
(1.) The distance between the spray gun and the workpiece is approximately: ordinary air atomization, 15 ~ 20cm; no gas atomization, 30 ~ 38cm
(2.) To obtain a wet, darker, thicker coating, the spray gun can be closer;
(3.) When obtaining a dry, lighter, thinner coating, the spray gun can be removed farther;
4. Manual spraying pressure
The conditions to achieve the proper atomization pressure: the minimum atomization pressure required to achieve the ideal atomization of the liquid. Therefore, the principle to be adjusted when adjusting the pressure is: "The spray shape is good, the pressure pair is set" (the pressure should be as low as possible) is too high. The pressure does not improve the quality of the coating, it only shortens the life of the equipment and increases the wear of the nozzle, and will cause the paint to rebound, wasting paint and polluting space.

manual spraying

Of course, in addition to this, it is also related to the performance of the coating equipment itself, and good spraying equipment can effectively reduce the waste of paint and coating. In addition, the spraying process is also very important. The common painting method is very different from the electrostatic powder coating process. The electrostatic spraying process can effectively save the coating, and can also realize the recycling of the coating, greatly reducing the production process. Waste of paint.

The above is about "How to reduce the waste of paint in the manual spraying process?" The information is provided by the 25-year coating line manufacturer Chuangzhi Coating, more information about the equipment of the coating production line, welcome to follow us for updated information. !