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How many products can an automatic dusting machine spray in a day?


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Before the construction of the coating production line, in addition to the cost of spraying equipment, I believe that many customers are very concerned about a problem, that is, how many products can the automatic dusting equipment spray in one day? Since the painting production line is a complicated system engineering, the speed of dusting is not only the speed of the automatic dusting equipment, but also affected by other links. It can be said that it is a one-stop move! Next, I will give you a detailed analysis of the spraying speed of the automatic dusting equipment.

First, let's take a look at the principle and composition of the automatic dusting equipment in the coating line, as well as the operation of the entire coating line, in order to help us better understand the factors affecting the speed of the powder.

automatic dusting machine spray

1. Working principle of powder spraying in the coating production line:

Powder spraying is the use of corona discharge to cause the powder coating to adhere to the workpiece. The process of dusting is: the powder gun is connected to the negative pole, the workpiece is grounded (positive), the powder coating is fed into the spray gun by the powder supply system by compressed air gas, and the high pressure generated by the high-voltage electrostatic generator is added at the front end of the spray gun, due to corona discharge, A dense charge is generated in the vicinity thereof, and when the powder is ejected from the nozzle, a loop is formed to form charged paint particles, which are attracted to the workpiece having the opposite polarity by the electrostatic force, and the electric charge increases as the sprayed powder increases. The more accumulated, when a certain thickness is reached, due to the electrostatic repulsion, the adsorption is not continued, so that the entire workpiece obtains a certain thickness of the powder coating, and then the heat is melted, leveled, and solidified, that is, on the surface of the workpiece. Form a hard coating film.

powder spraying

2. The composition of the powder spraying equipment in the painting production line:

Powder electrostatic spraying equipment mainly includes: powder spraying chamber, high-voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic spraying gun, powder feeder, powder recovery device, workpiece rotating mechanism and the like.
(1.) Dust chamber

The dusting chamber is one of the main equipment for powder electrostatic coating. Maintaining a smooth air flow is a cleansing in the powder room, providing the operator with a clean working environment. Control the dust content in the spray booth to below the explosion limit (typically set at 10g/m3). In addition, the dusting chamber should be cleaned so that the powder is not easily deposited in the house, so as to change the color of the powder, and the room should have enough light to facilitate the coating work.
(2.) Electrostatic spray gun

Classification: The spray gun can be divided into a portable spray gun, a fixed automatic spray gun, a disc spray gun, etc. according to its use; it can be divided into an internal electric gun and an external electric gun according to the charged form; it can be divided into conflicts according to the form of its diffusion mechanism. Type gun, rebound type gun, secondary air inlet type gun, centrifugal cup type gun, etc.
(3.) Powder supply system

The powder supply system is to continuously and uniformly transport the coated powder material from the powder container to the powder gun for spraying. The powder supply system is composed of an air compressor, a water-oil separator, an air dryer, a regulating valve, a compressed air pipe, an electromagnetic control valve, a powder feeder, a powder conveying pipe, and the like.

Form of powder feeder: In the powder electrostatic spraying powder supply system, there are many types of powder feeders, which can be generally divided into: pressure vessel type, screw or rotary mechanical transmission type, and Venturi air suction type.
(4.) Powder recovery unit:

The recovery of the powder can be divided into a wet method and a dry method. The wet method is to filter the gas stream with the powder through a liquid container to purify, and the liquid powder is dried and reused. Dry process powder recovery is the collection of powder particles in a powder stream exiting the dusting chamber. The types of dry method powder recovery include gravity sedimentation type, inertial separation type, cyclone separation type, and sintered plate separation type. In actual production, a multi-stage recovery device is often used to achieve better separation effect.

coating production line

3. Composition and operation of the coating production line:

The coating production line consists of seven parts: pre-treatment equipment, dusting system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electronic control system, and suspension conveyor chain. The typical powder electrostatic spraying process is as follows: upper part → degreasing → cleaning → rust removal → cleaning → phosphating → cleaning → passivation → powder electrostatic spraying → curing → cooling → lower parts.

As can be seen from the above, the charging mechanism of the powder gun is a key factor in improving the spraying efficiency. In general, the core of the powder spray equipment is the spray gun and charging system. In the current market, the proportion of corona guns is extremely large, because the biggest benefit of charging the powder by means of high-voltage corona discharge is that it can spray all kinds of thermosetting powder coatings available today. And can get very good results. Its advantages are mainly manifested in excellent stability, powder rate and powder speed.

In addition, the close cooperation of the various parts of the coating line and good operation are also very important factors influencing the spraying speed of the automatic dusting equipment. For example, how much can the conveying speed of the suspension conveyor system be designed to meet the speed of the powder spray without affecting the quality of the spray? As well as the shape and size of the workpiece, the requirements of the thickness of the powder, etc., the speed of the powder is affected. The speed of spraying different workpieces is very different. No company can pass the system design and data evaluation. In this case, the answer to the question "How many products can be sprayed by the automatic dusting equipment in one day" can be given. Chuangzhi coating, 25 years of coating production line design experience, has a dedicated R & D design team, according to customer's workpiece and spraying process requirements, designed energy consumption is lower than peers 15% -35%, life expectancy of more than 15 years, Powder coating production line with high powder collection efficiency, high powder recovery efficiency, low maintenance, high safety and environmental protection VOC emission standards. If you need, please contact us!

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