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The difference between paint spraying and powder coating


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I often get the customer's phone number to consult the difference between the painting process and the powder spraying process in the painting production line. Is it better to choose paint spraying and powder spraying? In fact, paint spraying and powder spraying are two completely different coating methods, and the most intuitive difference between paint spraying and powder coating is that one is liquid and the other is solid. Besides, what is the difference? Please let Guangdong Chuangzhi come to introduce you for you!

The difference between paint spraying and powder coating

Paint spraying is a method of applying a spray to a uniform and fine mist droplet by a spray gun by means of air pressure and applying it to the surface of the object to be coated. Can be divided into air spray paint, airless spray paint and electrostatic spray paint. Then the coating is dried and solidified to form a hard coating film. When painting, a water curtain cabinet or a dry spray booth is needed, because 30-40% of the paint is wasted, and the paint contains VOC (volatile organic matter), which is toxic. Very environmentally friendly.

The raw material used for paint spraying is self-painting, that is, aerosol paint. It is usually composed of aerosol can, aerosol valve, contents (paint) and propellant. It is a high-pressure filling after the paint is processed by special methods, which is convenient for spraying. A kind of paint, also called manual painting. Moreover, there is no strict classification standard for aerosol paints (painting). The usual classification method is classified according to people's usage habits. Generally, according to the types of main film-forming substances in aerosol paints, they are classified into nitro-based aerosol paints, alkyd-based aerosol paints, thermoplastic acrylic aerosol paints, etc., and also classified as ordinary spray paints and metals. Flash paint, fluorescent paint, super metal paint, chrome spray paint, gold-plated spray paint, hammer paint, high temperature spray paint, etc. Self-painting is extremely versatile. Through the economic development in recent years, the use has been developed from the beginning of repairing paints to molds, industrial machinery, toys, handicrafts, musical instruments, buildings, steel structures, advertising industry, logos, graffiti And other industries.

The difference between paint spraying and powder coating

The correct name for powder coating is electrostatic powder coating, which is not simple to use with a spray gun. The composition of the electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of a powder bucket (pulverized with compressed air), a high-voltage electrostatic generator, and an electrostatic powder gun. Powder spraying refers to a coating process in which a powder coating is adhered to a workpiece by corona discharge. After the powder is sprayed, it is subjected to hot melt, solidification, etc., and a coating film is formed on the surface of the workpiece. The powder recycling rate is basically 100%. Dusting can mask some traces that paint can't do, and it's not easy to scratch. The most important powder is environmentally friendly and does not contain VOC.

Powder coating uses a corona discharge phenomenon to adsorb a powder coating onto a workpiece. The process of dusting is: the powder gun is connected to the negative pole, the workpiece is grounded, and the powder coating is fed into the spray gun by the powder supply system by compressed air gas. The high pressure generated by the high-voltage electrostatic generator is added at the front end of the spray gun, and corona discharge is nearby. Produces a dense charge. When the powder is ejected from the nozzle, it forms a loop to form charged paint particles. It is absorbed by the electrostatic force and sucked onto the workpiece with the opposite polarity. As the powder sprayed increases, the charge builds up. Many, when a certain thickness is reached, due to the electrostatic repulsion, the adsorption is not continued, so that the entire workpiece obtains a certain thickness of the powder coating, and then the heat is melted, leveled, and solidified, that is, a hard surface is formed on the surface of the workpiece. Coating film.

The above is about the "difference between paint spraying and powder coating". The information is provided by 25 years of coating production line manufacturer Chuangzhi coating finishing. Next, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of "paint spraying and powder spraying". For more information about the equipment of the coating production line, please pay attention to us to get updated information! Guangdong Chuangzhi is committed to providing customers with one-stop environmental protection, production and after-sales solutions and services for environmentally friendly spraying equipment! If you need further understanding of paint spraying and powder spraying, you can call us!