The "Gospel" in the Iron and Steel Industry



Today, almost all steel parts are shot blasted, it is a major process for checking the quality of parts.
The shot blasting machine can check the appearance of steel castings, and then remove some unfavorable factors such as burrs and scales that affect the quality of the parts.
For steel or casting parts that have been placed for a long time, we can use the shot blasting machine to clean up the dust. For the rusty castings,we can also use the shot blasting machine to restore the original luster of the casting. It is such a function that it can also deal with the painting of the ship hull, enhance the anti-corrosion of the hull structure, and improve the service life of the ship. Not only that, but its principle skills can also handle some of the technical difficulties of steel plate strength, which is also a great news for the iron and steel industry's skill management.
The dust removal effect of the shot blasting machine is very useful for the steel industry, it can save a lot of raw materials and effectively prolonging the service life of the steel. The castings can be finished at any time, the power can be improved, and the cost can be reduced. The quality of the goods can also be checked at the same time. From the aspect of capital, power, etc., as a "vacuum cleaner" shot blasting machine is greatly beneficial to the development of the iron and steel industry.

shot blasting machine

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