Automatic spraying equipment line


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In the modern development of the spraying process, many companies have adopted the automatic spraying equipment line instead of the traditional manual spraying line, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also saves manpower and material costs and reduces the production cost of the product. Instead of manual work, the robot improves the production efficiency while ensuring the quality of the spray, which is recognized by the spray industry. Then everyone knows the spraying effect of the automated painting robot, what factors are affected?

Automatic spraying equipment line

What are the factors affecting the spraying effect of the automated spraying robot: the viscosity of the coating: when using the robot for spraying, the viscosity of the coating is slightly lower than that of air spraying, in order to facilitate Improve the atomization effect, so that the paint mist is easy to be deposited along the direction of the power line. Wind speed effect: Wind speed is also a key factor affecting the spraying effect. 


Generally, we recommend that during the spraying process, the wind speed in the spraying chamber is less than the air speed during air spraying, and the wind speed is controlled at 0.5-0.7 m/s.


 Resistance of the coating: The charging performance of the coating will also directly affect the spraying effect. The resistance value is too high, the charging is difficult, the electrostatic effect is poor, and if it is too small, it is easy to leak electricity, which is harmful to the safety and is not safe. 


Relative position of spray: In the place where multiple sprays are operated at the same time, the relative position should be paid attention to when using, so that the spray paint flow should not interfere with each other, and the paint of the same charge should be avoided, especially for the place where small and medium-sized parts are sprayed. 


Pressure of the feed: To have a suitable clinker pressure, the pressure required for electrostatic spray coating is slightly lower than that of ordinary air spray, which ensures the uniformity of the paint during the spraying process.

Automatic spraying equipment line

Although it is actually more expensive to use the painting robot in the market, from the perspective of the enterprise, are you considering the problem of expensive or worthless? For example, if you spend 300,000 to buy this equipment today, Through the production of this equipment, the spraying rate is high, and it can work 24 hours a day, eliminating the need for dozens of workers per production line. 


Excessive production is completed, labor costs are saved a lot. How many 300,000 benefits are brought by the spraying robot? If the spraying effect caused by the ordinary spraying equipment is not uniform, the employees work overtime every day, and the money that may be spent is far more than this. Number? It is therefore recommended that the spray manufacturer use a spray robot for spraying.

Automatic spraying equipment line

Automatic spraying equipment line


Industrial robot is a multi-functional, multi-degree-of-freedom mechatronics automatic mechanical equipment and system that can complete certain operational tasks in the manufacturing process through repeated programming and automatic control. It can be combined with a manufacturing host or a production line to form a single or multi-machine automation. 


The system, in the absence of the next, to achieve a variety of production operations such as handling, welding, assembly and spraying. Industrial robot manipulators are created to automate processes such as loading and unloading and handling. Industrial manipulators are mainly used in the processing industry for reclaiming and feeding; in the casting industry for extracting high-temperature melts, etc. 


The mechanical structural system of an industrial robot manipulator is a mechanical component that an industrial robot performs to complete. The system consists of bones (rods) and joints (sports pairs) that connect them. It has multiple degrees of freedom, including hand, wrist, arm, and fuselage.


The field of robot applications continues to expand In the past few decades, industrial robots (Xinliguang robots) have been mainly used in the automotive industry. But in recent years, due to the cheaper and cheaper robots, some non-automotive companies have begun to consider using robots. Although the automotive industry is still a large part of the robot market, many industrial robot faces have been seen in the food, consumer goods, aviation and metals industries.


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Automatic spraying equipment line

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