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Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating and paint spraying


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In the design of the coating production line, there are two kinds of spraying processes that many customers are not clear about, that is, powder coating and paint spraying, do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of dusting and painting, and do not know which process is better or compare. suit myself. Today, Guangdong Chuangzhi will give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of powder coating and paint spraying!

Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating and paint spraying

1. Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating:

(1.) Advantages of dusting:
a) High construction efficiency. For large-scale operation, there is no scruples. The construction personnel can install multiple electrostatic spray guns at the same time, and carry out multiple spraying at the same time, which can effectively shorten the spraying time and improve the spraying efficiency;
b) Spraying is the electrostatic spray gun corona discharge to adhere the powder to the workpiece, and then curing, it will form a coating film on the surface of the workpiece, the coating quality is good, the adhesion and mechanical strength is high, corrosion resistance, curing time is short, no need Primer
c) A thick coating can be obtained in one coat, for example, coating a coating of 100-300 μm, using a common solvent coating, about 4 to 6 times, and using a powder coating to achieve this thickness once. . The coating has good corrosion resistance.
d) Dusting can mask some traces that the paint can't do, and it is not easy to scratch. The important thing is that dusting is environmentally friendly material, does not contain VOC, is non-toxic, and does not pollute the environment;
e) Powder electrostatic spraying does not contain organic solvents during the process, no solvent vapor is generated during the coating process, no pollution to the air, so strict environmental protection measures are not required, and powder electrostatic spraying does not have difficulties in exhaust gas treatment.
f) The efficiency of the duster is 10 times that of the manual sprayer; no water, suitable for large-area prevention and lack of water source; timely control and easy operation;
g) Adopting new technology such as powder electrostatic spraying, high efficiency, suitable for automatic assembly line coating; high powder utilization rate, recyclable use, and powder recovery utilization rate is basically 100%;
h) Powder coatings have begun to be used in protection and electrical edge. With the development of technology, they have been widely used in the automotive industry, electrical insulation, corrosion-resistant chemical pumps, valves, cylinders, pipes, steel components outside, steel furniture, Painting of surfaces such as castings.

Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating and paint spraying

(2.) Disadvantages of powder coating:
a) Powder coating is very suitable for large-area construction, but electrostatic spraying is often stumped by some complicated shapes, which will result in uneven film film and manual repair, which will cause more troublesome consequences.
b) The construction personnel should also be particularly careful during the operation, and must strictly follow the operation requirements, otherwise it will cause electric shock and set up a fire accident.
c) The use rate is low, the dust is easy to fly and cause environmental pollution, which is greatly affected by climatic factors, the adhesion and durability are relatively poor, the wind and rain loss is large, the control effect is unstable; the dosage is large and the economy is poor.
d) There will be dust during construction, and a special recycling system is required, which has a large investment;
e) The applicability is slightly worse than the paint.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of painting:
(1.) Advantages of 
paint spraying:
a) Fast construction, good flatness and poor texture;
b) The paint is mainly visually beautiful, the smoothness and gloss of the surface effect, the coating is relatively thin, and the surface effect of the car is only the paint can be done.

Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating and paint spraying

(2.) Disadvantages of paint spraying:
a) The painting machine is more expensive, and the average painter does not;
b) The paint loss is relatively large, and the maintenance is troublesome in the later stage. Because of the late maintenance, the worker can no longer pull the machine to paint, and the texture of the brush is definitely different from that of the spray;
c) Spraying paint requires the ground to be clean. It is necessary to pour water on the ground. If the paint is not well mastered, it is easy to sag.

Therefore, each has its own merits, general hardware products will choose powder, plastic products are paint, because the curing conditions of the powder is more than 180 degrees (except for low temperature powder) paint curing conditions below 160 degrees (except for high temperature paint). As for which is better, it depends on the requirements of different industries for spraying. However, for some industries, powder coating is better than painting. For example, in the hardware industry, the surface of cast iron is rough, and the paint cannot level to make up for this defect. The thickness of the powder is relatively thick, which can effectively fill in and repair some of the defects of the parts themselves.
The above is about the "pros and cons of dusting and painting", the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Chuangzhi finishing, next, we will introduce to you "high cost of painting and dusting?" For more information about the equipment of the coating production line, please pay attention to us to get updated information! Guangdong Chuangzhi is committed to providing customers with one-stop environmental protection, production and after-sales solutions and services for environmentally friendly spraying equipment! If you need to know more about spray powder and spray paint, you can call us!