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How to reduce the production cost of the coating production line from the process design!


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In recent years, China's industry has experienced rapid development, and competition in all walks of life has become very fierce. In order to make enterprises gain strong competitiveness, many enterprises have begun to reduce costs. We all know that cost reduction can be carried out from investment planning, product design, supporting procurement, production process, product sales, process management and so on. Today, I will analyze how to reduce production costs and obtain higher profits from the perspective of process design of the coating production line.

coating production line

The large-scale coating production line has complex processes, long construction period and huge investment. Process design is a major part of the coating line, which not only directly affects investment costs, but also relates to the quality of the coating line and the cost of production. Therefore, cost consideration in process design is very important to reduce costs.
There are two basic situations in the development of the coating production line: the first is to rebuild a production line when the production capacity of one production line is difficult to meet the needs; the other is to supplement and renovate the production line based on the original production line to increase its production capacity. . But a design plan is very important, especially for the second model. In the design, the supplement and transformation plan should be designed to reduce the transformation cost and construction period.

coating production line


The level of the coating production line directly determines the investment cost and future production costs. Comprehensive analysis should be carried out on product market positioning, coating quality requirements, management level of the enterprise, and economic status of the enterprise, and select the appropriate level from low to high. And some painter designers are accustomed to adopting high design practices, resulting in unnecessary cost increases. The process should be suitable for the quality requirements of the product coating, and then combined with the management level of the enterprise, the economic status of the enterprise, and economic benefits.

The paint shop floor is an important aspect and the cleaning environment is very important. The closed air-conditioned workshop requires smooth floors and walls (paints) and is not easy to accumulate dust. The cost and operating cost of the plant are high, but the guarantee of the appearance quality of the coating is very necessary, which can greatly reduce the repair rate of the topcoat, and it is worthwhile to consider the cost of repairing the repair. However, for coating lines with low coating requirements, ordinary open plants can be used to save costs.

The automation of the coating line is the main embodiment of the process level. It is also a key factor affecting investment and production costs. Painting equipment automation mainly includes logistics transportation automation, painting automation, automatic control of process parameters, automatic identification and control of workpieces, and digital management. The level of determination is mainly based on product grade, production schedule, capital status, management level, and economic benefits. The general product requirements are not high, the process is mainly manual, the product grade is higher, and the mechanical automatic line or fully automatic line can be used. Choosing the right level of automation is very important for cost control.


coating production line

The coating production line workshop is very energy intensive, and the energy selected in the process design directly affects the operating cost of the workshop. The design of the coating production line should be based on actual conditions, and choose adequate supply and economical energy. Cost is related to the life of the company, and reducing costs involves many aspects. Engineering design is the source, and the painting process is carefully calculated, which must be the cost reduction of the coating production line.

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