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Is electrostatic spraying toxic?


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With the concern for health and the increasing incidence of occupational diseases in recent years, many people working in electrostatic spraying are worried that the static electricity generated during the electrostatic spraying process and the powder sprayed from the paper are not poisonous. Will it have any effect and harm on the human body?

In order to understand the doubts in this, we first understand the working principle of electrostatic spraying, and then analyze the composition of the coating, I believe we can find the answer you want!

1. How electrostatic spraying works

electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic spraying is based on the principle of electrostatic attraction, that is, the grounded object is used as the positive electrode, and the oil atomizer (ie, the spray cup or the spray plate) is connected to the high voltage as the negative electrode. The strip to be oiled passes through the upper and lower fuel injection beams, and the fuel injection beam is made of special aluminum alloy and fixed on the adjustable insulating arm. The gap on the fuel injection beam can be evenly adjusted to 0.2mm, and an oil groove is opened inside the oil inlet pipe, and the oil inlet pipe is connected to the middle portion, and the two oil return pipes are respectively connected at both ends. The upper and lower fuel injection beams are separated from the strip by a certain distance, and the fuel injection beam is designed to flow the oil to the fuel injection port under zero pressure. The fuel injection beam is energized to generate a high-voltage electrostatic field between the fuel injection beam and the grounded strip, and a corona discharge is generated at the negative electrode to make the sprayed oil mist negatively charged. The charged particles are highly efficiently and uniformly adsorbed on the strip passing through the electric field along the direction of the electric line, presenting a unique "envelope effect". Electrostatic spraying can also use positive corona discharge, but the threshold voltage (starting voltage) of negative corona discharge is lower than that of positive corona discharge, which is stable, safe and not easy to generate sparks.


2. Composition of the coating used in the electrostatic spraying process

electrostatic spraying

There is a certain poison in the electrostatic spraying process, mainly because of the paint used in the spraying process. The solvent is mostly a chemical reagent, and the solvent includes a hydrocarbon solvent (mineral oil, kerosene, gasoline, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.). Alcohols, ethers, ketones and esters. Among them, benzenes are more toxic, and ketones and alcohols also have certain toxicity. In addition, during the spraying process, dust and powder are generated, which is extremely harmful to the human body. Working in such an environment, long-term inhalation of powder will form pneumoconiosis, and there will be health problems such as zinc involved in spraying. Nano and paint have great harm to the metabolism of human brain cells.

electrostatic spraying

Therefore, the electrostatic sprayer must wear a gas mask, wear protective gloves, and replace it regularly before entering the spray booth. Pay attention to the use of ventilation facilities and window ventilation to allow harmful substances to be discharged in time and not to accumulate indoors. During non-working hours, try to reduce the stay in the workshop and reduce the damage as much as possible.

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