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What is the difference between electrostatic spraying and baking?


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We all know that in the coating industry, electrostatic spraying and baking varnish are common spray processes, and are widely used in furniture, hardware, automotive and other industries. However, what is the difference between the two?

difference between electrostatic spraying and baking

Electrostatic spraying refers to a coating method in which the atomized coating is negatively charged under the action of a high-voltage DC electric field and adsorbed on the surface of the positively charged substrate by using the corona discharge principle. Electrostatic spraying equipment consists of a spray gun, a spray cup and an electrostatically sprayed high-voltage power supply.

Electrostatic spraying is based on the principle of electrostatic attraction, that is, the grounded object is used as the positive electrode, and the oil atomizer (ie, the spray cup or the spray plate) is connected to the high voltage as the negative electrode.

The strip to be oiled passes through the upper and lower fuel injection beams, and the fuel injection beam is made of special aluminum alloy and fixed on the adjustable insulating arm. The gap on the fuel injection beam can be evenly adjusted to 0.2mm, and an oil groove is opened inside the oil inlet pipe, and the oil inlet pipe is connected to the middle portion, and the two oil return pipes are respectively connected at both ends. The upper and lower fuel injection beams are separated from the strip by a certain distance, and the fuel injection beam is designed to flow the oil to the fuel injection port under zero pressure. The fuel injection beam is energized to generate a high-voltage electrostatic field between the fuel injection beam and the grounded strip, and a corona discharge is generated at the negative electrode to make the sprayed oil mist negatively charged. The charged particles are highly efficiently and uniformly adsorbed on the strip passing through the electric field along the direction of the electric line, presenting a unique "envelope effect". Electrostatic spraying can also use positive corona discharge, but the threshold voltage (starting voltage) of negative corona discharge is lower than that of positive corona discharge, which is stable, safe and not easy to generate sparks.

difference between electrostatic spraying and baking

Baking varnish, a new method of making paints (process) in the manufacture of furniture. The method is to spray several layers of paint on a substrate that is ground to a certain degree of roughness (usually a high-density sheet). And baked at high temperature. The process currently requires high paint and good color rendering.

The paint needs to be done in the paint booth. The main driving force of the paint is the external air. The external air passes through the primary filter net and is sent to the top of the house by the fan. After filtering through the top filter and then into the house, it can make the inside of the house. The air is purified and does not contain any particulate matter. The externally entering air contains a certain pressure, which can make a certain constant temperature airflow around the painted items, so as to ensure the quality of the paint to the utmost extent. When close, the damper can be adjusted to the position of the paint, and then the hot air circulation is performed, and the grilling is performed. The temperature inside the room will increase rapidly. By the injection of external fresh air, the wind energy is converted into heat energy. As the heating of the baking varnish, by setting the time, when the metal object of the lacquer is continuously baked, it reaches the set time, and the baking room will automatically The process of shutting down and baking the paint is also completed.

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