What are the equipment for the furniture coating production line?


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The furniture painting production line is a complex system engineering involving many clever designs and equipment assembly, and the close cooperation between the production lines can make the entire production process run smoothly and stably. So, what are the equipment for the furniture coating production line? What kind of use do you have? Let me introduce you in detail!


1. Pre-spray processing system equipment
The general pretreatment process is as follows: degreasing → washing → pickling and derusting → washing → surface treatment → oxidation → water washing → passivation → water washing → drying purposes: removing oil, dust, rust on the surface of the workpiece, and producing a layer of corrosion resistance Increase the adhesion of the coating.

2. Powder spraying system equipment

furniture coating production line

Uses: Spray the powder coating evenly on the surface of the workpiece. Special workpieces (including locations that are prone to static electricity shielding) should be sprayed with a high-performance electrostatic sprayer.

Painting process steps: Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, a layer of powder coating is evenly sprayed on the surface of the workpiece; the powder is returned through the recovery system, and can be recycled after screening and separation.


3. Painting system equipment

The types of painting systems are divided into manual painting and robot painting systems.

Uses: The paint spraying of Chuangzhi uses oil-spraying spray booth, water curtain spray booth and robot painting system. It is widely used in the surface coating of bicycles, automobile leaf springs and large loaders.


Features: High color lens resolution, ability to identify a variety of products, transfer product categories to the processor (PLC, robot) analysis products and select the corresponding product process, spray. At the same time, it can mix and produce, and the first-line production line can produce a variety of similar products.

furniture coating production line

At present, robotic painting has become a trend in the manufacturing industry, and its advantages can be reflected in the following points:


1. Robotic spraying and transfer system can reduce labor costs and achieve industrial automation production.

2. Robots can reduce safety accidents and improve work efficiency.

3. The conventional 6-axis robot can adapt to the standardization-related actions of 6 or more axes to achieve high-difficult and high-demand operation.


4. High temperature curing system equipment

Uses: The powder coating on the surface of the workpiece is heated to the specified temperature and corresponding time, then melted, leveled and solidified. Then we achieve the surface effect of the workpiece we want.


5. Heat source system equipment

Uses: According to the local conditions of customers, it can provide natural gas, electric power, granular biofuels, etc., which can make the temperature increase quickly and efficiently, and it is equipped with proportional adjustment and frequency conversion to make the curing furnace temperature uniform and improve product quality.


6. Electronic control system equipment

furniture coating production line

Uses: The controller is distributed and installed near the equipment for easy maintenance and maintenance. The controller equipment can display the stability of the operation in a centralized manner.


Features: The device can be connected to the company network, or use 4G network phone card to achieve remote data acquisition, intelligent production monitoring, and realize Industry 4.0. Remote equipment maintenance and repair, monitoring the operation status of the equipment monitoring system, transmitting data through the Internet of Things platform, data acquisition and analysis reports of the industrial computer.


7. Conveying system equipment
According to the workpiece and output information, according to different requirements of customers, various designs, including plate conveyors, chain conveyors, overhead conveyors, etc.


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What are the equipment for the furniture coating production line?

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