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The difference between dry grinding room and wet grinding room


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In the process of grinding, polishing and polishing of wood products, the dust is scattered and scattered due to the influence of induced airflow. If there is no proper protective measures, the dust will be directly inhaled into the lungs by the operator, which seriously endangers the health of workers. Moreover, when the dust reaches a certain concentration, it is extremely prone to flammable and explosive phenomena, which causes production safety problems. The grinding room is a dust collection device designed and manufactured for these problems. Among them, the grinding room is divided into a dry grinding room and a wet grinding room, and each has its own characteristics and scope of application, and needs to be selected according to actual conditions.

1. Dry grinding room
The dry grinding room adopts a negative pressure design, so that the dust gas enters the lower tank from the air inlet and is filtered through the filter cartridge. The dust and gas are separated due to various effects of the filter cartridge. The dust is adsorbed on the filter cartridge, and the gas penetrating the filter cartridge enters the upper tank by the text tube, and the purified air can be directly discharged through the return air outlet of the dust remover to complete the cycle of the whole system. During the purification process of the dust gas through the filtration, as the time increases, more and more dust accumulates on the filter cartridge, so that the resistance of the filter cartridge gradually increases, and the gas passing through the filter cartridge is gradually reduced. In order to make the precipitator work normally, the device is equipped with a pulse self-control cleaning device, which is triggered by the pulse controller to trigger a control valve in sequence, and the pulse valve is opened, so that the compressed air in the air bag is blown by the air blow tube. The tube is sprayed into the corresponding filter cartridges, and the filter cartridge expands rapidly under the reverse action of the airflow moment, so that the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge falls off, the filter cartridge is regenerated, and the dust is removed and dropped into the ash bucket. The ash bucket adopts the push-pull structure, the cleaning process is quick and convenient, and the upper part is provided with the ash discharging board to ensure that all the dust is concentrated to the ash bucket. After filtering, the dust emission efficiency is ≥99.5% and the dust emission is concentrated to <80mg/m3.

dry grinding room

The dry grinding room has the following features:

(1.) High applicability design, the dust collector can adapt to a wide range of fluctuations in the nature of dusty gas, and can be adapted to the non-standard design according to the user's situation;
(2.) Optimized inlet and outlet duct design, internal airflow uniforming device is provided to facilitate uniform airflow distribution;
(3.) The all-steel split structure design facilitates the transportation and installation of equipment and ensures the system accuracy of the equipment;
(4.) Three-stage pulse cleaning technology for chamber pulse to ensure the strength and effect of cleaning;
(5.) The dust collector stops the self-cleaning system to ensure the working state of the dust collector; the special ash bucket design, the dust discharge is unobstructed.
(6.) Unique non-linear current sharing hydrostatic nozzle to ensure even spray times;
(7.) Low operating cost and optimized process parameter design are beneficial to the low-resistance, high-efficiency and stable operation of the dust collector, reducing the energy consumption of the system, and effectively reducing the loss and maintenance of the filter material;
(8.) Adopt high-quality components to improve equipment operation reliability and reduce maintenance work;

2. Wet grinding room
The wet grinding room is a water-washing filter grinding room. The diffused powder produced in the grinding or polishing operation is pulled by the large-volume fan and enters the dust-removing room of the grinding room. A plurality of high-pressure spray cleaning devices are installed in the dust chamber, and the dust gas is combined with the spray water mist to increase the weight and the mud falls into the lower water tank. Part of the water mist floating on the upper part is blocked by the waterproof filter layer on the upper part of the dust removal chamber. After filtering, only the clean gas reaches the standard and overflows from the upper part. The mud that sinks into the water tank is filtered and settled out.

wet grinding room


The wet grinding room has the following features:
(1.) When using the same energy consumption, the efficiency of the wet grinding room is higher than that of the dry grinding room. The high-energy wet grinding room washes dust particles below 0.5mm, and the dust removal efficiency is still high.
(2.) The dust removal efficiency of the wet grinding room is not only comparable to that of cloth bags and electrostatic precipitators, but also to the dust removal conditions that these dust collectors cannot. The wet grinding room has high exhaust gas treatment efficiency for purifying high specific resistance, high humidity, high temperature, flammable and explosive dust-containing gas.
(3.) While removing dust particles from dusty gas, it can also remove water vapor and some toxic and harmful gas pollutants in the gas. Therefore, the wet grinding chamber can both remove dust and treat the gas as exhaust gas.
(4.) The sediment discharged from the wet grinding room needs to be treated. The clarified washing water should be reused repeatedly, otherwise it will not only cause secondary pollution, but also cause waste of water resources.
(5.) When purifying corrosive pollution, the washing water (or liquid) may have a certain degree of corrosiveness. Therefore, the dedusting equipment should have certain anti-corrosion measures.
(6.) Wet grinding room is not suitable for the treatment of organic waste gas containing water-repellent and hydraulic dust.
(7.) Applying a wet grinding room in a cold area is prone to freezing, so antifreeze measures should be taken.

It is worth noting that both the warm grinding room and the dry grinding room can be placed in the workshop. Due to the influence of its own airflow, the temperature of the workshop can be lowered and the fine dust in the other air in the workshop can be eliminated.
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