What should be paid attention to in the design of port machinery anti-corrosion coating?


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Our common shore cranes, cranes, gantry cranes, grabs, conveyor belts, conveyor pipes, hoists, tractors, etc. are all port machinery. These equipments are the essential material technology foundation for loading and unloading transportation in modern ports. An important part of the production quality assurance system.

However, port machinery products have long been exposed to the marine environment and are subject to dramatic changes in maritime climate. The port machinery equipment is a valuable material, and its steel structure design life is generally 25 years or even 30 years. So, what kind of coating design is used for corrosion protection to ensure its useful life?

port machinery anti-corrosion coating

Due to the particularity of the environment in which the port machinery equipment is used, the following factors are mainly considered when designing the anticorrosion package for the coating:
(1.) High humidity environment
(2.) High salt environment
(3.) Strong ultraviolet light irradiation environment
(4.) Large temperature difference environment
(5.) High dust environment
(6.) weak acid or alkaline environment

In view of the harshness of the port machinery environment, different coatings can be selected for different paint surfaces during the coating design, thus ensuring that the port machinery can effectively withstand the violent changes of marine climatic corrosion effects, ensuring its service life and construction safety. The following are the coating designs used by the port machinery for each lacquer surface during the spraying process:
(1.) Shop primer

It adopts inorganic zinc-rich or epoxy-rich zinc shop primer, which has good weather resistance, weldability and cuttability.
(2.) Primer

Most use inorganic zinc-rich primer or epoxy zinc-rich primer. Zinc-rich primer is suitable for most packages with its excellent electrochemical protection performance and good construction performance.
(3.) Intermediate paint

Epoxy thick paste paint and epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint are often used. Epoxy high-build paint is generally suitable for anti-corrosion system which is not particularly harsh in corrosive environment, and can also be used as long-lasting anti-corrosion system with high weather-resistant topcoat; and epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint has excellent shielding performance and mechanical properties. And it is well-matched with topcoats and is therefore widely used.
(4.) Topcoat

More highly weatherable aliphatic polyurethane topcoats, fluorocarbon topcoats or silicone topcoats. Aliphatic polyurethane topcoats are widely used for their excellent weatherability and rich color; in the harsh corrosive environment, fluorocarbon or silicone coatings with superior weather resistance are used to improve the overall coating system. Anti-corrosion life.

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