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Attractivechina Wood Door Painting Production Line UV Coating Paint Spray Line Robotic Automatic Spray Painting Line



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  • Product Details
    • Brand: Attractivechina
    • Commodity name: Attractivechina Wood Door Painting Production Line UV Coating Paint Spray Line Robotic Automatic Spray Painting Line
    • Commodity ID: Attractivechina2024022705

    Wood Coating Line

    1. With the good design of the whole spray line, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and strong accessibility.
    2. The entire spraying line is running smoothly, the work of each station is simple, easy for inspection.
    3. High degree of automation, saving a lot of labor.
    4. The entire spray line with steady performance.
    5. The spray line pump of the injection line adopts a specific liquid sludge pump, which is maintenance-free and no leakage.
    6. The spraying injection line uses seven tons of tension transport chain, A3 steel material, quenching treatment, balance running, little abrasion.
    7. The spraying room with good ventilation, the air supply and the exhaust are balanced, and the spray positions are fully automatic.
    8. The workpiece rotation is uniform, multi-point spraying.
    9. Automatic induction spraying to reduce paint loss.
    10. All drying temperatures are automatically controlled and adjustable, with insulation effect.
    11. Using computer touch screen control totally, each part of the point control separately.
    12. The heating method is designed by the client's energy source, which is economic, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain, and guarantee the quality requirements of the workpiece.
    13. The insulation layer changes the conventional rock wool insulation. All the low-temperature furnaces of our factory products are insulated with aluminum silicate cotton to ensure the temperature and save the invisible energy.

    Technological Process

    Wood Coating Line

    Loading→Primer 1 spraying→Primer 2 spraying→Glue spraying→Wiping→Primer→Dry brush→Two coats of primer→Tint→Top-coat→Inspection area→Finished product drying→Unloading


    Device Parameters

    Workpiece:                          Guitar, musical instruments, beds, dining tables, chairs, alien desktop, etc.
    Workpiece material:           Solid wood, medium fiber board, veneer particleboard
    Work system:                      300 days/year; 20H/day; equipment utilization rate: 85%
    Spray booth temperature: 18~26°C
    Spray room humidity:       45~75%RH
    Spraying method:              Artificial/Robotic
    Tool tray size:                    L2300 * W800 * H2200mm (reference)
    Production rhythm:           1.0min-4min/pry (depending on different workpieces)
    Workpiece weight:             300KG
    Power:                                380V 3φ 50 Hz
    Compressed air:                Pressure≥0.7MPa±5%(Gauge pressure)、oil<0.01mg/m³ 、solid <1.00mg/m³  、dew point 0.6Mpa -20℃
    Natural gas:                       Standard pressure is medium pressure 80kPa
    Tap water:                          Pressure≥1.5Kg/㎝2
    Heating energy:                Electricity, natural gas

    Note: Above data for reference only, the actual data will be calculated according to customer require

    Our Team

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    Our Partners

    Attractivechina has been focusing on the painting industry since 1994 and has been doing so for 30 years. With its good reputation, it is highly favored in domestic and international markets, and its products are exported to countries and regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, Singapore, Russia, Pakistan, the United States, Mexico, etc.


    1.  Are you a trading company or a factory? 
    We are a coating line equipment manufacturer; we can provide turnkey solution service for your products.
    2.  If interested in your coating equipment, what should I provide? 
     A.  Product’s material/size (standard and maximum)/weight (standard and maximum)? 
     B.  What is the daily output (1 day=8 hours, 1 month=30 days)? 
     C.  Which heating method do you prefer: electricity, gas, diesel or others? 
     D.  What is the area of your factory (length, width, and height)?
    3.  Additional service 
    We will provide the overall design scheme for free before you place the order. After obtaining the approval by both parties, we will prepare the detail technical specification and quotation.
    4.  Price 
    The price on website is not the actual price, because it is a customized product, the product process flow is different and the price will be different. The final quotation is based on the confirmed technical specification.
    5.  Payment method 
    For stock products, small, medium and large size equipment, the whole coating system 40% of the total amount as deposit shall be paid in advance. After inspection and acceptance by customer, 50% of the total amount shall be paid before shipment. The balance shall be settled after installation and training. The actual payment terms can be negotiated according to different situations.
    6.  Lead time 
    We are a professional manufacturer of non-standard customized coating equipment. To ensure the provision of high-quality products and services, we have set the delivery cycle at 60-90 working days. The actual delivery cycle depends on the order and actual production plan.
    7.  Packing 
    The default packaging of domestic and oversea shipment is white protective film and drag reducing foam packaging. The packaging of export goods is customized package or fumigation free wooden pallet and wooden case. It meets the exporting standards, firm and safe.
    8.  Shipment 
    We usually adopt the trading mode as EXW or FOB (Guangdong port), customer can also specify a logistic company.
    9.  Installation and training 
    If possible, the customer can arrange employees to come to our company for training. We will assign the relevant technicians to your factory for installation supervision until the trial production is completed. In addition, we are very pleasure to share the maintenance skill.
    10.  After-sale Service 
    The main accessories of coating system are warranty for one year. The spare parts are free during the warranty period (except the vulnerable parts and human factors). After the warranty period, you can extend the maintenance period by maintenance contract. We will provide you with the lifelong free professional technical consulting services too.

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