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Regenerative RTO exhaust gas treatment equipment

High thermal efficiency ≥95%, high VOCs destruction rate, simple design, low operating costs, when the concentration is slightly higher, secondary heat recovery can be performed.



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  • Product Details
    • Commodity name: Regenerative RTO exhaust gas treatment equipment
    • Commodity ID: 1049258714759782400

    High thermal efficiency ≥95%, high VOCs destruction rate, simple design, low operating costs, when the concentration is slightly higher, secondary heat recovery can be performed.


    Environmentally friendly equipment for coating machine painiting equipment powder coating line


    Environment protection equipment


    naterial stainless steel
    dimension W2400*L2500*H2500
    wind volume of treatment 18000m³/h
    inlet wind speed 10m/s
    running wind speed 3m/s
    water retaining wind speed 6m/s
    baffleplate wind speed 3m/s
    spraying nozzle flow volume 660L/min
    pump flow volume 660L/min
    quality management system ISO9001:2015
    environmental protection management system ISO14001:2015


    Note: above data for reference only, the actual data will be calculated according to customer required.

    Why did you choose us?
    1. We are customized design based on the whole powder coating system and electrostatic powder coating unit.
    2. Our engineer available to oversea to install the project.
    3. Offer a free training for equipment operation
    4. Payment with FOB or CNF or CIF
    5. Warmly welcome to visit anytime
    6. Any new idea for your product, workshop and related drawing please sharing with us. We will offer a customized project service to you.
    Our environmental protection apply with waste gas and waste water treatment generated from powder coating and paint spraying industry. Pollutant control including :acid-alkaline gas, benzene-containing liquid, xylene liquid, ethyl acetate gas, cycloacetone oxo derivative, NMP etc.
    Consist of coating system
    1. Mist spray pretreatment system
    The general pretreatment as following :degrease→rinse→acid washing to dust removal→surface treatment →anoidizing →water washing →deactivation →rinse→drying
    Function :removing the degrease, dust, rust on the surface of workpiece, and produce a layer Corrosion resistance, adding the adhesion of coating .
    2. Powder spray system
    Function :powder spray evenly to the workpiece surface, the particular workpiece (including workpiece which easily produce electrostatic shield position)  should be sprayed by a high performance electrostatic spraying machine.
    Spraying process: using the electrostatic adsorption principle, a evenly powder coating on the workpiece surface, powder collected by a recycle system, then screening and separation to be reused.  
    3. spraying system
    Spraying system consist of manual and robot spraying .
    Function :Chuangzhi paint spraying utilize oil spraying chamber, water curtain spraying chamber and robot spraying chamber.
    Feature : Identified workpiece by color lens, with high efficiency identification to classify product. Insert the product information to processor (PLC, robot) to analyze and classify related process. With a high recognition rate, it is available for multiple product mixing production .
    Nowadays, robot spraying have became a trend in manufacturing development. Its advantage as following:
    A. Robot spraying and transferring system can reduce labor cost, realize industry automatic production .
    B. Reduce safety accident, improve
    C. The general robot with 6 axis, suitable with the standard related connection action with more than 6 axis, achieve high difficulty and required operation .
    4. high temperature curing
    Function :heating the powder which on the surface of workpiece to a regulated temperature and timing, then perform melting , levelling and curing to achieve our required standard.
    5. Heat source system
    Function :we are available to supply natural gas, electricity, biologic pellet fuel etc based on clients" actual condition . Quickly improve the temperature efficiency, matched with curing oven which  adjustable and stable temperature, to achieve improve the product quality.
    6. Electronic control systems
    Function :the controller installed nearby the equipment, easily to repair and maintenance, perform a central display, a stable operation .
    Feature : the equipment available to connect network or utilize 4G telephone card, perform remote data collecting, intelligent monitor, realize industry 4.0.
    remote equipment maintenance and operation monitor, data transmit by internet, data collecting and related statement prepare by IPC.
    7. Conveyor system
    We will design according to workpiece details and clients" required, including plate type conveyor, chain type conveyor, overhead type conveyor etc.
    Above display our package and shipment. Due to we are a provider for whole painting system which including a series of huge equipment and product, so we need to transport by truck, loading at port, shipment by sea.
    1.How to purchase?
    Please describe the workpiece details to us, like dimension and the
    painting required etc,  we will make out a appropriate painting system and equipment installation proposal to comply with your required.
    2. Supporting service
    We will offer the whole plant design proposal freely before place order. We are welcome customer visiting the coating line onsite anytime. We will prepare the detailed  technology proposal after get approval between customer and manufacturer. Further we will share information about paint and dedust etc to you.
    3. Quotation
    The price showing on website is not the real because vary item
     with different price. The final quotation based on two side (customer and manufacturer) confirmed the technology project afterwards.
    4. Payment term
    The stock & small and middle-sized machine & large equipment & whole coating system deposit by 40%,  the qualified machine before shipping should pay 50% , after installation and training should settle up balance.Actually the payment term can be negotiated according to different situation.
    5. Production cycle
    We are a professional manufacturer of providing the non-standard coating system. Ensure providing a qualified  product and service, we are setting the production cycle is 60 working days. The actually lead time depends on the recent actually production planning.
    6. Package
    The default packing for domestic and overseas shipment is with a white color protective film. The export shipment packing would be customized fumigation-free wooden pallet or wooden box.
    7. Express & shipping 
    Customer can use their own logistic. Otherwise, we will use our long-term cooperation logistic to conduct transport including loading and unloading.The export shipment normally by sea.
    8. Installation and training
    Customer can arrange staff come to our company receive training if possible. Once the complete coating line start building, we will assign related technician come to onsite to proceed with  until trial production completed. Also , we are pleasure to share information of maintain and technologic if necessary.
    9.After-sales service
    The main parts of coating system warranty 1 year. Other parts damaged by people or consumable spare parts out of warranty. We are offering full life maintain service and 24 hours online service. The overseas project install charge or occurring related fee should be bear by customer.
    Please submit your information as below:
    1. What is the size and weigh for your workpiece? Please share the photos with us if possible.
    2. How much spraying working time per day?
    3. What about your plant size(L * W * H)?
    4. What about the frequency of change powder color?
    5. How about the heat resource? Natural gas, electricity, biologic pellet fuel?
    Key words:
    • RTO
    • Regenerative RTO
    • exhaust gas treatment equipment

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