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Attractivechina New Metal Coating Machinery EAC Certification No Fixture Smart Sand Blasting System Coating Line

No Fixture Smart Sand Blasting System: 1、Electricity and pneumatic accessories are well-known brands, such as Adeke, SMC, Siemens, Schneider, etc. 2、Diversified production:Equipment can achieve product mixed line production,thereby maximizing benefits 3、Automation of loading and unloading parts, carefully designed high-precision design (no robot load/unload) 4、Single equipment has high production apacity, low operating costs, small occupied area, and the supporting automation structure is streamlined.

Attractivechina Cookware Spray Paint Line No Fixture Smart Sand Blasting Machine Coating Line

1. The product design conforms CE, EAC and UL international certification standards. 2. We strictly follow the standardized design regulation, to save production running costs and bring continuous benefits to customers. 3. We choose the well-known brand materials and accessories, to ensure that they are qualified products. 4. The MES intelligent manufacturing management system creates a more flexible and digital intelligent production process for customers. 5. The remote maintenance system is built by SD-WAN technology, it monitors the running status of coating equipment in real time and eliminate the potential failure, to greatly improving the quality of products and after-sales service. 6. Our products are widely used in automobile parts, household appliances, cookware, furniture, musical instruments, metals, industrial equipment, rail transit, military equipment, aviation and other industries. 7. We provide turnkey solution service including whole plant planning, independent R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. 8. Our factory has certified by ISO 9001 international quality system and the ISO 14001 international environmental system. Painting System Equipment Spray Paint Machine Non-stick Paint Coating Production Line. Attractivechina Cookware Spray Paint Line No Fixture Smart Sand Blasting Machine Coating Line