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Door Painting Machine

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Attractivechina Wood Spray Coating Line Electrostatic Door Painting Machine Coating System

1. Wood coating line is an automated production line equipment specifically designed for surface coating of wooden products. It usually consists of pre-treatment equipment, spraying system, curing equipment, and conveying equipment, etc., used to achieve precise painting and spraying process of wood. 2. This painting line usually includes multiple processes such as cleaning, polishing, primer application, painting, UV curing, drying, etc., to ensure the surface quality and durability of wooden furniture, floors, doors and windows have a beautiful appearance. Automated coating lines can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure consistency and quality of coating. It can precisely control the thickness and uniformity of the paint, making the surface of the wooden ware smoother and providing good protection. 3.The design and configuration of wood painting lines can be customized according to different painting needs to meet the production requirements of different specifications and styles of wooden products. 4. The application range of wood painting lines is wide, including furniture, doors and windows, floors, cabinets and other wooden product industries. By using wood painting lines, enterprises can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and also enhance product quality and competitiveness.

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