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Enterprise Honor Property Information Patent Information Product Certificate

(4 consecutive years from 2017 to 2020) Guangdong Province, a contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise

2017 Most Beautiful Coating Environmental Protection Enterprise2018-12-22

2018 Director Unit of the Second Council of Guangdong Manufacturing Association

2019 Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

Top 100 innovative enterprises in Zhaoqing in 2019

High-tech enterprise in 2022

Alibaba International Station Certification

Chuangzhi Intelligent Zhaoqing Quality Association Director Unit 2018-11-14

High-tech Enterprise Association

Guangdong University of Technology Industry-University-Research Base2018-5-30

Student Internship Base of Guangdong University of Technology2018-5-30

Coating Automation R&D Center of Guangdong University of Technology

Director unit of the first council of Guangdong Industrial Development Promotion Association

Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Director Unit

Member of Guangdong Furniture Association

Excellent Brand Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province

Excellent Credit Demonstration Unit of Guangdong Province

Excellent Credit Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province

The First Intelligent Manufacturing Professional Committee of Guangdong Manufacturing Association2017-12-21

The first council of Guangdong Manufacturing Association2017-12-21

Guangdong Province Automatic Painting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

Guangdong Excellent Coating Equipment Brand

National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise

member unit

Shangji Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Group member unit

Waseda strategic partner

Excellent Organization Award of the 7th Non-public Enterprise Staff Vocational Competition in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone

Zhaoqing Chuangzhi Intelligent Coating Engineering Technology Center

branch committee

Zhongshan Furniture Chamber of Commerce membership card

Chongchuang Cup - Bronze Medal

Emphasis on quality and integrity, five-star enterprise

Specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province

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Chuangzhi ISO14001 Chinese Version-2021

Chuangzhi ISO19001 Chinese Version-2021

Trademark registration certificate

Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Dongguan Chuangzhi trademark registration certificate2017-4-17

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spray tower

wood workbench

An automatic powder sweeping device

Paint supply device (GMB)

Tank interior paint robot gripper

A turntable device

An intelligent hanging conveying system

A vegetable oil coating cookware production line

A track for transportation equipment

A spray paint line for woodware

A mobile hydraulic lifting auxiliary upper and lower part device

A circulating air duct radiant heating device

A cycle dehumidification drying energy saving system

A horizontal lifting device

A kind of same program hot water heating system

A pool table accumulating and releasing intelligent conveying and spraying production line

A heat energy recovery drying automatic drying device

An intelligent spraying production line for automobile rim cover

A pneumatic two-way linkage device

A paint slag filter press treatment system

A belt conveyor

A spray water cleaning treatment device

A powder supply device for a spraying system

A spray booth exhaust gas circulation device

A paint spraying exhaust gas purification device

a sprinkler system

a spray device

A woodware line heat recovery and moisture removal system

A kind of aluminum alloy extrusion forming rotary jig

A gantry driving transfer device

An electrostatic spraying system

A skid-type conveying device

An energy-saving device for heating, dehumidifying and drying water-containing workpieces

An automatic turning device for pots

A pot product transmission and transfer device

A pot spraying system

A track-type heavy-duty intelligent cart

An intelligent spraying production line for rail transit carriages

A workpiece online pad printing device

A workpiece online turning system

A workpiece inner support assembly and workpiece movement equipment

A workpiece clamping assembly and workpiece rotating equipment

A kind of wind dust recovery and separation system

A distributed automatic switching air supply and exhaust system

An energy-saving device for exchanging waste heat and heat energy from waste gas

A waste gas treatment equipment

A dust-proof clamping device

A multi-station fixture

a guiding device

A turntable device with magnetic drive

A mechanical suction device with large suction and small release force

A special grinding table

A connecting valve structure that is convenient for vacuuming and breaking vacuum

Pretreatment car sealing device

Automotive Brazing Electrostatic Spraying System

Wheel hub coating robot core gripping jig

Robot integrated control box

Pot automatic arrangement and conveying device

Pan coating without fixture intelligent production line

Pot bladder transfer robot fixture

Workpiece automatic steering device and its step-by-step conveying system

Non-contact fluid delivery and flow monitoring closed-loop control device

Multi-channel conveying device and pot exterior paint spraying and conveying system

Multi-stage shuffled spray tower device

Dehumidifying and drying energy saving system

Automatic glue spray flocking production line program control software V1.0

Gantry crane process automatic control software V1.0

Guitar automatic spray control software V1.0

Tubular inner and outer coating production line control software V1.0

Non-contact fluid delivery and flow monitoring closed-loop control software V1.0

Multi-group conveyor belt synchronization control software V1.0

Multi-drive conveyor belt synchronization control software V1.0

Chuangzhi audio wooden box automatic spraying control software V1.0

Chuangzhi coating equipment central control software V1.0

Hook-type automatic introduction and release device for driving heavy rail equipment

A device for workpiece movement

a coating device

An industrial automatic drying and painting equipment to prevent dust adsorption

Jigs for guitar painting

Track-type heavy equipment intelligent conveying device

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Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Quality Product Certificate

Intelligent coating waste gas treatment system equipment

Water swirl closed paint spray booth

Automatic glue spray flocking production line

Automatic wood electrostatic spraying production line

Pre-treatment with powder spraying and painting production line

Auto parts glue coating and drying production line

Environmental protection production line for auto parts pretreatment with powder spraying and painting

Auto parts brazing electrostatic environmental protection spraying equipment

Energy-saving polishing dust removal and spraying equipment

Guitar efficient automatic spraying control equipment

Internal and external coating and drying production line for tubular parts

Cookware automatic fuel injection production line

Non-stick paint intelligent spraying production line

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