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What are the furniture painting processes?


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Wood furniture is generally made of wood, and wood is a natural polymer biomaterial, which has a great influence on the coating process technology and high requirements. In order to effectively decorate and protect the furniture, it is necessary to spray the paint on the surface of the wooden material through effective coating technology to form a coating film with installation and protection properties. So, what are the furniture painting processes? Let me introduce it to you one by one!
1. Site coating process
The ground rail conveyance precision is stable, the wear resistance is good, the workpiece rotates evenly, the robot multi-point spraying, automatic induction spraying, reducing paint loss. Suitable for all kinds of panel furniture.

furniture painting processes

2. Electrostatic coating process

The hanging transport chain is used for smooth operation and double-sided spraying, which is highly efficient. Suitable for furniture, doors, beds, sofas, etc. that need to be painted on both sides.

3. Omega electrostatic coating process
The paint is adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece by electrostatic positive and negative phase suction, and the productivity is large, and the oil consumption reaches 90%, which saves cost.

furniture painting processes

4. Flat plate electrostatic coating process

Electrostatic spraying refers to a coating method in which the atomized coating is negatively charged under the action of a high-voltage DC electric field and adsorbed on the surface of the positively charged substrate by using the corona discharge principle. Electrostatic spraying equipment consists of a spray gun, a spray cup and an electrostatically sprayed high-voltage power supply. Intelligent operation, one-button start, continuous spraying design of the production line, the same color, different shapes of workpieces can be sprayed at the same time, automatically identify the size and position of the workpiece, intelligently control the switch of the spray gun, save paint. Provincial labor, provincial paint, and efficient production.

5. Reciprocating machine painting process
Automatic coating equipment consisting of servo motor, guide rail, transmission system, etc., can be quickly reciprocated up and down. The automatic spray gun is mounted on the fixed bracket at the end (multiple spray guns can be installed). The spray gun is reciprocated up and down according to the pre-programmed PLC program. Spraying. The trajectory of the spray gun is accurate, fast, and consistent, and the spray thickness is uniform. Suitable products are large flat rectangular products, or small products can be placed on a tray in the form of a matrix. Especially the surface varnish coating is not possible by manual spraying. Save labor, only need the staff of the upper and lower parts. High efficiency. Input by man-machine interface, easy to operate. Equipped with a workpiece inspection device, the workpiece is sprayed without wasting paint.

furniture painting processes

The above is about the "furniture painting process?" The information is provided by 25 years of coating production line manufacturers Chuangzhi coating finishing, more information about the coating production line equipment, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!