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The Benefits Of Drying & Curing Chamber In Painting Line(Ⅱ)


Chuangzhi Coating

There are divided into 3 type drying chamber named convection drying , radiation drying and electric induction drying in our Chuangzhi Coating painting line. The convection drying chamber heating the coating and product by heat transfer based on the hot air medium. Its benefit is creative a evenly heating speed within a air flow condition as well as a higher accuracy of temperature control. This operation is common method available in modern engineering and machinery industry and it is ideal for complex workpiece. Its weakness is with a relative slowly heating up speed. Radiation drying chamber deploy infrared radiation tube and radiation plate to the surface of workpiece, and then transfer into heating energy directly to heat up the workpiece and coating. Fastly heating up with high efficiency effect working on simple shape workpiece, but it hardly working on complex shape workpiece. Electric induction drying made the electric energy transfer to heating energy. The workpiece positioned in the circle and heating up the product by electric induction. Its feature is high efficiency and a totally solvent volatizing. However , it is available for small shape item or use for test purpose only and not include the engineering machinery industry.


Heating source of drying include steam, electric, natural gas and fuel etc. It is an essential choose a ideal heating resource considering of invest cost of painting line because of coating drying take a long time and it is a main process for energy consumption. Steam its advantage is low cost and simple operation ,but its shortage is un available to high temperature condition ( the general working environment should be less than 90℃ ). For natural gas usually working on some simple product directly which energy recovery collection rare lower than directly heating ,its feature is low cost and relative complex control system so there are should be have a high level control and management system. Fuel application area similar with natural gas but with a higher cost. Electric heating applicable almost product with a neat running environment and a high control accuracy. Its disadvantage is higher cost.


The purpose of drying chamber of painting line is get a evenly temperature to drying the coating and attain a certain good quality. Temperature control should be control within 10℃. For drying chamber with convection to get a evenly temperature should be with a reasonable design of air outlet and have a regulating air volume. For radiation of drying chamber which attain a evenly temperature should be with a reasonable settle of radiator and voltage control. Furthermore , minimum the heating time of drying chamber to reduce operator waiting time during the working and the heating up time should control within 30-60 mins. In the design concept of chamber in the painting line, maximum deduce unnecessary heating lost, such as adding the air curtain near the door and choose a better quality material for insulation using in the chamber body or door panel. Ensure a good quality coating, the air of the drying chamber should be clean, and one filter system should added into the hot air circulation system of convection drying chamber. 


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