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How to maximize benefits in the era of "robots"


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Recently, robotics and artificial intelligence have once again become hot topics, especially when the population is large and the dividends are disappearing. With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness of many enterprises and the increase of production costs, etc., the trend of "machines for people" is promoted, and the use of robots is also an inevitable choice for the adjustment and upgrading of my country's industrial institutions. However, will the replacement of humans by large-scale machines bring about large-scale unemployment? How can we maximize benefits?

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According to the current situation, the proportion of existing robots replacing humans is only about 33%-37%, which means that nearly 70% of the jobs are still replaced by humans.
With the development of robots and artificial intelligence in full swing, the replacement of manpower by technology has been reflected in all walks of life. In fact, large-scale replacement has not yet occurred. But in the manufacturing industry, industrial robots are indispensable core equipment, liberating a lot of labor. With the development of robotics technology and the improvement of related industrial chains, how to maximize benefits has become a common topic among major companies. Attractivechina spraying production line has complete customized designs and schemes, one-to-one customized production schemes, non-standard automatic design, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency, and maximizes benefits.

Robots have obvious advantages and lower costs. Industrial robots can effectively reduce production costs by virtue of their high efficiency; achieve refined skills and standards that are difficult to operate manually, improve manufacturing and assembly accuracy, and produce high value-added products; they can be engaged in danger and harm The advantages of working and reaching situations that are difficult for ordinary people have appeared in all walks of life. In recent years, the domestic robot market has also become the largest market in the country.