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BYD Bus Paint Booth



BYD Company Limited (“BYD”), as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, specializes in four industries including IT, automobile, new energy and rail transit.Currently, BYD has nearly 220,000 employees and 30 industrial parks in global with an area more than 18,000,000 square meters.
Thanks to the excellent quality, good after-sales service and mature automatic coating line design & production technology, Chuangzhi Coating was selected as a partner by BYD Bus.
BYD’s criteria for selecting partners has always been very strict, this time, Chuangzhi Coating can be selected as a partner, it is proved from the side that Chuangzhi has strong strength and can meet all challenges.
Chuangzhi’s automatic coating & painting production line system is suitable for the surface finishing of Bus, Large-size Vehicles and Large-scale engineering machinery.
If you need high quality Bus Paint Booth at reasonable price, you need Chuangzhi Coating.

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