Application and advantages of UV coating technology in wood industry



With the development of the industry technology, more and more wooden musical instruments and wooden furniture manufacturer have introduced UV coating production line to enhance the competitiveness and quality of their products. But, what is the difference between UV coating line and ordinary coating line?
What is UV coating?
UV coating is a surface treatment which is cured by ultraviolet radiation. The mechanism of the curing film formation is that the photoinitiator rapidly decomposes into active groups under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, and the active groups cause the special resin and the diluent to instantaneously polymerize into a network-like macromolecular film, thereby rapidly drying into a dense film at room temperature.
What is UV curing?
UV curing is the process of using ultraviolet light and visible light to initiate a photochemical reaction to produce a cross-linked polymer network, it is a new surface treatment technology emerging internationally in the 1960s.
UV coating on wood substrates can be applied on different shapes:
1. Flat objects: Wood floor, Wood doors, Wood furniture (tabletop, shelve panel) and other flat-type wood panels.
2. Irregularly shaped objects: Wood musical instruments (guitar, ukulele, piano), Wood furniture (wood chairs, coat hangers), etc.
Coating method in use is: 
- Spray coating/painting: spraying can be manual or automatic and it can be employed on objects of any shape, it is a widely used method for many industries.
Why UV-cured wood coating technique has obvious advantage over conventional wood finishing systems?
UV coating technology advantages:
1. High curing speed: Under certain conditions, complete curing takes only few seconds, which can greatly improve production efficiency.
2. Lower energy cost: No thermal energy is needed for curing, no drying/baking is required, energy can be saved and coating costs can be greatly reduced.
3. Save valuable factory space: No space is taken up when drying.
4. Environmentally friendly: UV coating does not contain volatile solvent, 100% solids content. It can achieve “zero emission” of coating and meet the requirements of modern environmental protection.
5. Excellent coating film property: Compared with other coatings, UV coating have excellent coating film properties, such as high gloss, high hardness, superior corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

UV coating line

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