Daily maintenance method for water curtain spray booth!


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In the past 25 years of painting career, I have heard many customers tell me that the water curtain painting room designed and manufactured by your company is really good. It has been used for five years, and it is still as new as the spraying efficiency. Of course, there is no lack of complaints, saying that the water curtain spray booth is not well maintained, and the paint stains pile up a lot. Apart from it, the curtain cabinet is easy to corrode and rust, the life is short, and the recycling efficiency of the paint recycling system is too low. Why are there two different voices? In fact, it is mainly related to the daily maintenance methods of the water curtain spray booth. Next, let me introduce you to the daily maintenance of the water curtain spray booth.

water curtain spray booth

The daily maintenance methods of the water curtain spray booth are as follows:
1. The environmentally-friendly water curtain cabinet (painting table) should be coated with some butter on the fan blades before use, which will help to clean the paint stained on the fan in the future.

2. It is necessary to ensure that the fan is rotating forward when starting up, so that the exhaust gas in the environmentally-friendly water curtain cabinet (painting table) can be discharged outside the workshop. If it is reversed, change the position of the three fire lines on the motor.

3. The fan should be treated regularly for the paint on the blade for a period of time. Be careful not to change the blade during processing, which will make the blade rotate unevenly and reduce the life of the fan. The water in the water can't rise too much, which makes it easy to block the pump. The pump can't be pumped. If it is found that it can't be pumped, please cut off the power immediately.

4. Clean the walls, glass and platform base in the room every day to avoid accumulation of dust and paint dust.

5. Clean the air inlet dust net every week and check whether there is any accumulation of the exhaust dust net. If the air pressure in the room increases without any reason, the exhaust dust net must be replaced.

6. Replace the dust-proof fiber cotton on the platform for every 150 hours of operation;

7. The air inlet filter should be replaced every 30oh.

8. Clean the platform water tray every month and clean the diesel filter on the burner;

9. Check the drive belts of the intake and exhaust motors for slack every quarter.

10. Clean the entire paint booth and floor net every half year, check the circulating air valve, air intake and exhaust fan bearings, check the exhaust passage of the burner, clean the deposits in the fuel tank, clean the water-repellent protective film of the paint booth and re-spray .

11. The entire heat energy converter, including the combustion chamber and the exhaust passage, should be cleaned every year, and the paint roof cotton should be replaced every year or every 1200h.

water curtain spray booth

    Of course, let the water curtain spray booth still be as new and functioning all the year round. It not only requires rigorous process, but also requires strict operation specifications and skillful operation skills. The most important thing is to adhere to the routine maintenance regulations in strict accordance with the regulations. The paint master brings a safe, healthy, bright and comfortable working environment to ensure higher production efficiency, a more environmentally friendly discharge process, and a longer life curtain spray booth. In fact, it is like everyone's car, to maintain good dynamic performance, driving experience, and beautiful appearance, all need to be carefully maintained. Watch more videos

Daily maintenance method for water curtain spray booth!

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