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Four major spray production lines for furniture


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    Due to the large number of furniture styles, consumers' individualized demand for furniture is becoming more and more prominent. For furniture manufacturers, there is no way to meet the spraying needs of enterprises with a single spraying production line. Let me briefly introduce you about the four major spray production lines that are common in furniture!


1.Site coating line

furniture spraying production line

    The ground rail conveyance precision is stable, the wear resistance is good, the workpiece rotates evenly, the robot multi-point spraying, automatic induction spraying, reducing paint loss. Suitable for all kinds of panel furniture.


2. Electrostatic to the spraying line

Electrostatic spraying line

    The hanging transport chain is used for smooth operation and double-sided spraying, which is highly efficient. Suitable for furniture, doors, beds, sofas, etc. that need to be painted on both sides.


3. Omega electrostatic spraying line

furniture coating line

    The paint is adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece by electrostatic positive and negative phase suction, and the productivity is large, and the oil consumption reaches 90%, which saves cost.


4. Flat piece electrostatic spraying line

furniture coating line

    Intelligent operation, one-button start, continuous spraying design of the production line, the same color, different shapes of workpieces can be sprayed at the same time, automatically identify the size and position of the workpiece, intelligently control the switch of the spray gun, save paint. Provincial labor, provincial paint, and efficient production.


    Guangdong Chuangzhi specializes in the custom design of furniture spraying production line. It can provide the four major spraying production lines commonly used in the above furniture. It has successfully provided customized solutions for well-known furniture customers such as Federal Furniture and Debon Bopa. The design mainly reflects the following characteristics:

1. The whole spray line is designed with good design, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and strong visitability.

2. The whole spray line logistics is smooth, the workpieces at each station are simple and easy to inspect.

3. High degree of automation, saving a lot of labor

4. The entire spray line runs smoothly

5. The fuel injection line pump uses a special liquid submerged sludge pump, which is maintenance-free and does not leak.

6. The fuel injection line adopts a 7-ton tensile transport chain, A3 steel, quenching treatment, balanced operation and low wear.

7. The spraying room has good ventilation effect, the air supply and the exhaust are balanced, and the spray positions are fully automatic.

8. The workpiece rotates evenly, multi-point spraying

9. Automatic induction spraying to reduce paint loss

10. All drying temperatures are automatically controlled and adjustable, and the insulation effect is good.

11. Using computer touch screen centralized control, each part of the point control

12. The heating method is designed by the guest's energy source, which is energy-saving, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain, but guarantees the quality requirements of the workpiece;

13. The insulation layer changes the conventional rock wool insulation. All the low temperature furnaces of our company are insulated with aluminum silicate wool to ensure the temperature loss and save the invisible energy. Watch more videos

Four major spray production lines for furniture

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