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Stable spray booth automatic control system


Chuangzhi Coating

At present, the work of spraying on the workpiece only stays in the reciprocating spraying process, and lacks corresponding spraying control; and the film thickness control of the related robot spraying does not further solve the problem on the basis of the reciprocating machine. For this reason, the stable control system appears Especially important, next, I will give you a brief introduction to Guangdong Chuangzhi's stable spray control system.

spray control system

1. Fully closed loop fuel supply monitoring control

    Each set of spraying system is equipped with a control system, and the various parameters of the centralized gun control system are used to read, calculate and control the spray gun system to meet the control requirements. The system has Weilun man machine, Siemens PLC, Omron relay, Schneider low-voltage parts, Autonics sensor, Yadeke start pneumatic parts, stable performance, making the spraying more intelligent and automatic, and can automatically complete various workpieces. Spraying procedures and providing the number of production products, paint consumption, and intelligent management mode.

2. Spray control system description

(1.) The paint enters the Coriolis flowmeter through isolation management, and then passes through the double pump head peristaltic pump. The Coriolis flowmeter is installed in the front end of the peristaltic pump to make the flow rate monitoring more stable and avoid the surge fluctuation caused by the peristaltic pump.

spray control system

(2.) In normal spraying, first open the peristaltic pump, open the paint valve HCV-13, circulate the oil circuit, avoid the instability of the flow rate monitoring caused by the front tube open air, close the paint valve HCV-13 after the flow rate is stable, open Spray the gun until the gun is stable and officially enters the spray state. The paint valve HCV-12 is always off when in the spray state.

(3.) Set the spray paint flow rate (unit: g/min), turn on the fuel supply system, keep the peristaltic pump working, and adjust the speed of the peristaltic pump to the set value. After the workpiece is in place, the control system opens the gun solenoid valve and performs closed-loop adjustment through the flow rate monitored by the Coriolis flowmeter. The operation of the spray gun is indirect. After the flow rate monitored by the workpiece is adjusted before spraying, the second workpiece is sprayed according to the adjusted flow rate of the previous workpiece, and the monitoring is adjusted. The next workpiece is completed according to the previous step.

(4.) Before starting the spray gun, the atomization effect should be adjusted first. The oil quantity control at the end of the spray gun should be adjusted to the maximum to ensure the effective control of the peristaltic pump oil supply.

    The above is about "stable spray room automatic control system, full-closed oil supply monitoring control!"  related content, more information about the spraying production line, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!