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Attractivechina Coating Equipment All the staffs gather to eat the yuanxiao


Chuangzhi Coating

The Lantern Festival which marks the end of the Chinese New Year.

There is two different ways of saying Lantern Festival in Chinese, and the first one is “Yuan Xiao Jie” which directly translates into first night festival. The second way of referring to the Lantern Festival in Chinese is “Shang Yuan Jie” which means the Chinese “Valentine's Day”.

Both the “Yuan Xiao Jie” and “Shang Yuan Jie” are Reunion day. A day of family reunion or Lover together.

Attractivechina Coating is a company, and also is a large family, in Lantern Festival day, all the ATTRACTIVE Coating members gather together to eat the yuanxiao. After the Lantern Festival day, everyone should focus the attention on the work, all the members work together to make the company more prosperous in 2019!


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