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What should we pay attention to when switching from waterborne paint?


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The problem of switching of water-based paint is a problem of improvement and improvement of the coating system. “Let's move all over the body”, it covers a wide range of issues in painting technology and business management, covering all aspects of the company, how to use limited resources, to obtain the best economic and social benefits, not only a simple Painting technology issues are also a complex management issue.

switching from waterborne paint

(1) Painting management: The switching of water-based paints is important for the decision-making leadership and management personnel to switch ideas. The nostalgia for the old painting mode is not acceptable for the coating of water-based paint; the ideology cannot keep up with the changes in the process and production line. It is necessary for the supervisors to attach great importance to the system and plan the system in a unified manner. 


Each department performs its duties and implements it step by step according to the production season of the off-season; it is not only the work of the painting engineer; it is selected according to the maturity of the coating technology and the priority of the production tasks. 


Appropriate timing of switching; coating suppliers should improve technical communication and technical service methods, use test data and test facts to prove which aspect of the coating or coating is used; in the company to do a variety of coating spray test, the best site Do not succeed more than three times, do not use the production line as a laboratory; avoid conflicts with the production of the coating company; adapt to the culture and operation mode of the coating company.

switching water-based paints

(2) Painting process: During the switching process, the painting operation instructions and the essentials book, the quality inspection reference book and related standards shall be revised in time; the process documents shall be strictly implemented, and the production cycle (production line speed) and the coating process shall be resolutely stopped. Behavior; accurately understand the switching criteria (eg, one downline pass rate, etc.). During the switching process, the coating quality may fluctuate and the process should be adjusted in time.


(3) Painting environment: The influence of environmental humidity and temperature has the greatest impact on water-based paints and needs to be highly valued. For non-closed paint shops, “dew point management” needs to be implemented according to different environmental conditions. For example, the workpiece that has just entered the painting workshop, the workpieces that are overnight, need to frequently check the ambient humidity and temperature, and detect the surface temperature of the workpiece to ensure that the surface temperature of the workpiece is greater than the dew point temperature by more than 3 °C.


(4) Painting equipment: The coating of water-based paints has higher requirements for equipment, and the advantages and disadvantages of coating equipment determine the smoothness of switching, especially in terms of humidity control and temperature regulation. Existing old coating lines have various problems (such as leveling time, drying time, etc.) to be adjusted and repaired as needed.

switching of water-based paint

(5) Coating and coating system: Before the switching, 4 steps have been tested, that is to say: the existing coatings and coating systems have undergone various tests, inspections, adjustments in the production process, only It is “fine tuning” and cannot be adjusted for recipes. If adjustments are made, they must be retested.


    The above is about the "What should we pay attention to when switching water-based paints?", next, I will introduce the impact of temperature on the construction of water-based paints, welcome everyone to pay attention to our access to updated information! Watch more videos

What should we pay attention to when switching from waterborne paint?

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