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Electrostatic coating production line equipment and its application range



At present, the scope of application of electrostatic coating production line equipment is becoming wider and wider. Many manufacturing industries often use electrostatic coating production line equipment to carry out surface painting, from small cars, furniture, panels, aluminum alloy profiles to home decoration porcelain. Spraying glaze and hardware decorations to traditional musical instruments such as guitars and cellos. The painting process endangers all aspects of daily life. Spraying paint can not only improve the appearance, but also prevent the internal structure from being oxidized and maintain the effect. There is no doubt that everyone loves happiness items, so when a product has surface defects, it can be improved with electrostatic coating production line equipment.

electrostatic coating production line
Electrostatic powder spraying refers to the spraying method that uses the basic principle of arc discharge to make the positive charge of the atomized architectural coating negatively charged under the effect of high-voltage AC electric field and absorbs the charge and discharge of the positive electric muscle bottom surface. The electrostatic coating production line equipment is sprayed Gun, spray cup and its electrostatic powder spraying DC high-voltage power supply. The actual effect of electrostatic powder spraying lies not only in the equipment of the electrostatic powder spraying production line, but also in the type of architectural coating applied, whether it meets the requirements of electrostatic spraying. There are many types of electrostatic coating production line equipment: liquid electrostatic spraying machine, rotary cup electrostatic There are many types of spraying machines, automatic electrostatic spraying machines, and water-based paint electrostatic spraying machines. Different architectural coatings require different equipment to be selected.

electrostatic coating production line
There are many advantages and characteristics of the electrostatic coating production line equipment: pure electrostatic atomization method; with the spin-cup electrostatic sprayer as a means, the structure is simple and clear, not easy to block, very easy to clean, and the conductivity of architectural coatings and organic solvents is specified Low, can adjust the size of the spray range according to the size of the coated surface, and there is no color difference, and the utilization rate of architectural coatings is high. When spraying in the high piezoelectric field, the architectural coating particles containing negative electricity are applied to the surface of the steel parts along the high-voltage line. Therefore, most of the architectural coatings do not rebound and the paint mist drifts away. The paint mist damage is not large. The utilization rate of paint means that the cost can be reduced, which is perfect for customers.

electrostatic coating production line
Therefore, more and more people use electrostatic coating production line equipment, and the regulations are higher, so the technicality of mechanical equipment manufacturing will be very good. The above is the relevant content about "Electrostatic coating production line equipment and its application range". The information is provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year-old coating line manufacturer. For more information about the coating line, please pay attention to us for updated information!