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Seven major problems that are easily overlooked in the design process of coating production line


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The output of the coating production line does not meet the design plan some design schemes did not take into account the effects of suspension methods, suspension spacing, up and down slopes, and horizontal turns. The manufacturing time did not take into account the failure rate, equipment utilization, and the highest value of production. As a result, the output cannot meet the design requirements.

coating production line
Recycling of electroplating solution in coating production line
When designing the production line of the electroplating process, each tank of the electroplating solution often has a recovery tank to recover the electroplating solution from the steel parts, and some even not only a recovery tank, such as: stainless steel, plastic roughening will have multiple levels of recovery groove. As the electroplating process electroplating solution is relatively expensive, it can also relieve the load of electroplating wastewater treatment and remediation. However, when the plating solution of each tank is solved before spraying, the recovery tank is rarely used.
The reasons are: (1) This type of electroplating solution is more cost-effective; (2) There are fewer recycling tanks to save indoor space. But I don't know that this kind of practice will increase the cost of wastewater treatment. Without the recycling tank, we can only maintain all normal working attitudes based on solving the raw materials before filling. The electroplating liquid carried when the steel parts are discharged from the tank, especially the many electroplating liquids carried on the complicated tubular parts, will greatly aggravate the burden of wastewater treatment and cause higher wastewater treatment costs.
Ventilation problem of painting production line
Natural ventilation problems should be considered first in the early design scheme. Poor natural ventilation will not only cause malignant changes in the working environment, but also cause severe erosion of machinery and equipment, steel blanks and finished products. There is a standard processing plant, it is proposed that the front solution line be established in a wide area independently, and excellent ventilation and cooling equipment should be selected. It is not suitable to use strong acids and alkalis with too high equivalent concentration in the processing technology, and it is not suitable to use too high temperature. Only in that way can the equivalent concentration of organic gas and alkali mist be manipulated in a lower range to obtain an excellent office environment. In addition, the damage to steel parts, machinery and equipment, and finished products is low.

coating production line
Insufficient processing time on the coating production line
Some design schemes are based on reducing the processing time to achieve the goal to control costs. Common examples include: insufficient pre-treatment buffer period time, resulting in liquid tandem; in the whole drying process, heating time is not considered, resulting in poor drying. Insufficient paint finish paint time causes insufficient paint finish; after drying, the refrigeration is insufficient, and the steel part (or the next part) is overheated during painting.
Poor design scheme of conveying system for coating production line
From the perspective of the design plan, there are various transportation methods for this steel piece. If the design plan is not good, it is very easy to cause adverse effects on the production volume, the actual operation of the processing technology, and the left and right parts. Suspended chain transportation is common, and its load working capacity and traction belt working capacity must be measured and intervened in drawing. The speed of the transmission chain also has relative regulations on the supporting facilities of the machinery and equipment. Mechanical equipment manufacturing also stipulates the stability and synchronization of the transmission chain. In the case of the design scheme, this level must be considered appropriately.
The matching problem of painting production line and post-processing technology
The solution before spraying is for spraying service items. Which kind of coating is selected afterwards, should be used in the whole process of pre-processing that is consistent with it. Generally, powder spraying and oil pumps are recommended to use zinc-based phosphating process at room temperature; while electrophoresis is to use iron-based phosphating treatment or general anti-rust treatment processing technology. The reason is that the thickness, high density and micro-porosity of the zinc-based phosphating treatment are beneficial to improve the combination of powder equipment, paint coatings and the conventional, and the anti-rust ability of the finished products. However, it is not suitable for electrophoresis process due to the characteristics of its semiconductor materials, not to mention that the principle of electrophoretic paint film production is different from the principle of powder spraying and white edge filling liquid. The iron-based phosphating film is thin, and the combination of powder equipment and paint coating is not as good as that of the zinc-based phosphating film, and its corrosion resistance is much worse than that of the zinc-based film. It is not suitable for powder equipment and paint. The bottom layer of the coating; but it has a certain degree of rust resistance and excellent conductivity, which is suitable for the bottom layer of the electrophoresis process.

coating production line
Improper selection of equipment for coating production line
Because the product regulations are different, the selection of machinery and equipment is different, and various machinery and equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. As everyone knows, the design plan cannot be expressed to the customers, and they are not satisfied after the production. For example, the electrostatic powder spraying dry tunnel construction uses air curtains for heat insulation, and the steel parts with cleaning regulations do not install oil fume purifiers. This type of incorrectness is the most common incorrectness in the spray line.
The above is about the "seven major issues that are easily overlooked in the coating production line design process". The information is provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year-old coating production line manufacturer. For more information about the coating production line, please pay attention to us. Update information!



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