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Seven common problems and consequences of coating production line


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Painting equipment, working environment, spraying management methods, spraying process and raw materials directly affect the productivity of the spraying line. In this process, the reasonable layout of the processing technology of the coating equipment plays a key role in the application of the coating line. Next, we will introduce the seven common problems of the coating production line and their consequences.

painting production line
First, the program flow of the output design plan of the painting production line cannot be reached
Some design schemes did not take into account the suspension method of mechanical equipment manufacturing (different suspension methods should be considered for different spraying small pendants), suspension spacing, left and right inclination and the influence of horizontal turning spacing, failure rate, mechanical Equipment manufacturing utilization rate, highest value production volume of goods, etc. Do not consider the manufacturing time. This will cause the manufacturing to be inconsistent with the design plan manual.
Second, there are some errors in the processing time of the coating production line equipment
In order to control costs, some interior designers often maintain their overall goals based on reducing production and processing time. The common ones are: 1. The buffer period before the coating production line is not long enough, which will cause the liquid to cross the line; 2. The actual heating time is not considered in the whole process of drying, resulting in poor drying. 3. Insufficient paint finish paint time, resulting in insufficient paint finish; 4. Insufficient cooling time after drying, resulting in overheating of steel parts (or underside) or insufficient fixation during the whole spraying process .

coating production line
Third, the design scheme of the conveying system of the coating production line is not good
From the perspective of the design scheme, there are many ways to transport this steel piece. If the design scheme is wrong, it is very easy to cause harm to the production volume, the actual operation of the processing technology and the left and right components. The most common is suspended chain transportation, and its carrying capacity and traction belt working capacity must be measured and intervened. The speed of the transmission chain must also be paired with machinery and equipment. The spraying equipment must also drive the reliability and synchronization of the chain, which should also be appropriately considered when designing the scheme.
Fourth, improper selection of coating production line equipment
Because there are different regulations for different commodities, the selection of machinery and equipment is different, and the manufacture of various machinery and equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the design plan cannot be presented to the customer, the customer will find that the coating production line is not satisfied after the manufacturing process. For example, the electrostatic powder spraying dry tunnel construction uses air curtains for heat insulation, and the steel parts with cleaning regulations do not install oil fume purifiers. This type of incorrectness is the most common in the reasonable layout of the mechanical equipment manufacturing process.

coating production line
Fifth, the process parameters of the coating production line equipment are set incorrectly
Generally speaking, it is common for this type of coating production line to select incorrect processing parameters. First, it was due to poor selection of the main parameters of the design scheme of the individual coating machine equipment. Secondly, insufficient attention is paid to the matching of machine equipment system software. Third, it has no design plan at all.
Sixth, the defects of the coating production line support coating equipment
There are many related machinery and equipment on the painting production line. Sometimes in order to reduce the price, some machinery and equipment will be saved. It is also not possible to express to customers, which leads to unnecessary misunderstandings. Generally, there are pre-treatment heating equipment, automatic spraying equipment, gas line machinery and equipment, exhaust pipe machinery and equipment, and environmental protection machinery.

spraying line
Seventh, did not consider the environmental protection and energy saving of coating production line equipment
At this stage, the price of this type of power energy has changed relatively quickly. As everyone knows, if this problem is not considered in the design plan, the customer's product cost may be higher, and some customers will have to rebuild and purchase machinery and equipment in a short time. This is not what consumers want. The quality of the reasonable layout design of the mechanical equipment manufacturing process is particularly important for the application of the coating production line. If the processing technology of mechanical equipment manufacturing is not well arranged, even if every piece of equipment is manufactured very well, it is not easy to apply all the coating production lines. Therefore, when designing the scheme, people must prevent the general incorrectness from causing unnecessary damage!


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