What impact does the process design of the automotive spraying production line have on the cost?


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Spraying is an important part of the four major processing techniques of the automobile industry. Generally, the spraying production line for small cars has complicated processing techniques, long construction period and huge project investment. As the "root" of the basic construction of the spraying production line, the quality of the spray painting process design plan not only greatly affects the project investment cost, but also determines the spray quality and product cost. Therefore, the root of the spray paint production line process design plan Taking into account the development of potential, saving project investment and operating costs, it is critical to the company's sustainable development concept and cost management. We will make an in-depth discussion on the six levels of clear technical level, selection of machinery and equipment, selection of raw materials, and power energy countermeasures.

spraying production line
1. Selection of manufacturing outline
The manufacturing outline is an important part of the process technology and is immediately linked to the project investment cost. The clear manufacturing outline of the spraying production line under construction is mainly based on the company's construction plan and the forecast analysis of the sales market. Because there are many uncertain factors, the manufacturing outline cannot be grasped accurately. It will not be able to complete the daily tasks of production and manufacturing at a very small level, leading to damage to the sales market, and a large increase in costs, which will not only waste the investment cost of capital construction projects, but will also continue to increase the product cost of spare parts. Designing a production line with a small production outline for the production capacity exceeding the design specification can increase the annual number of machinery and equipment, increase the load of machinery and equipment, and reduce the cost of bicycle products according to the update and transformation of bottleneck processes.
2. Clarification of technical level
The technical level of the coating production line immediately determines the project investment cost and subsequent product cost. Defining the technical level is a complicated task. Solve the product positioning, coating quality regulations, the company's management level, the company's economic development, etc. to carry out a comprehensive analysis, and select the appropriate level from low to high. The technical level should be as clear as possible to ensure that it is just right, and there is no need to pursue perfection "all-round excellence" too much. Many spray paint process design plan workers habitually choose higher than lower commercial insurance practices when clarifying their technical level, which usually leads to an increase in excess costs. In fact, the main criterion to clarify the technical level is that the processing technology is suitable for the quality of the commodity coating, and then integrate the company's management level, economic development, economic benefits and other comprehensive considerations.

spraying production line
3. Layout of processing technology
The layout of the processing technology is a key component of the process technology, and it is a comprehensive reflection of all data and information calculations. In addition, it is also a complicated task. The plan of the layout should be upgraded and then upgraded to select the best actual effect. If the floor plan is unscientific, it will cause long-term production and manufacturing troubles, product quality problems cannot be solved, resulting in ineffective labor and increasing product costs.
For the layout of large and medium-sized spraying production lines, in addition to the entire processing process, attention should be paid to various aspects such as freight logistics, system zoning, runaway, maintenance and industrial plant construction. Whether the layout of the spraying production line in the car body spraying production workshop is improved, the freight logistics design plan is a very key element; the production and manufacturing freight logistics should choose short operating routes and minimize the crossover of operating routes. For the two-tier system partition layout, commodity elevators and round-trip frequency should be avoided as much as possible. The layout of each process flow is effective, the docking is excellent, and the layout of the fixtures is compact. Generally, it takes 6 to 7 hours to produce a paint car body that meets the standard, depending on how many kilometers of conveying equipment is required. Therefore, the whole process of tortuous should be avoided as much as possible to save the investment in the transportation equipment project. In order to ensure the natural environment of spraying as soon as possible, a systematic and regional layout should be selected when developing the floor plan, and the production vehicles should be separated into clean areas, dust-producing areas, high-temperature areas, auxiliary areas and other areas as much as possible; Spraying quality, before the spraying production line is stopped, the steel parts in the machine and equipment such as the front solution, electrophoresis principle, air drying, etc. must be empty; the spraying with high requirements for decorative arts is very car spraying, and sufficient space should be left in the design plan Maintenance site. For large and medium-sized car body spraying production lines, the use of double-layer structure industrial plants is more effective and effective, which is conducive to indoor space utilization and production workshop system partitioning, and reduces underground structure. However, double-layer structure industrial plants increase the cost compared with single-sided industrial plants.

spraying production line
4. Machine equipment model selection
The model selection of the main equipment of the trolley spraying production line reflects the level of technical level, and also immediately harms the project investment cost, product quality and product cost. For example: the model selection of automatic spraying equipment in the car body spraying production line, using a very simple gas spray gun for manual service spraying, the project investment cost is the least, but the spraying efficiency is very low, and the paint usage rate is generally 30% to 40%; Using the best contemporary high-speed electrostatic induction rotary cup automatic spraying machine or intelligent robot, the spraying efficiency can be over 85%, which can save a lot of paint raw materials and waste paint resolution costs, and the spraying quality is significantly better than other spray paints Method, but the automatic spraying system software is very expensive. Which type of automatic spraying equipment to choose has a lower comprehensive cost, the key is to clarify the factors such as large quantities of production and manufacturing. For a large number of high-end production lines, it is more cost-effective to use automatic spraying machines with high efficiency for painting, and for production lines with a total output of less than 30,000 units From the perspective of project investment and operation, it is more cost-effective to choose manual service methods. Intelligent robots can paint the inner and outer surfaces of the car body. With the development trend of automation technology, the price of spraying robots may gradually expand.

5. Use of raw materials for processing technology
Processing technology raw materials are closely related to product costs. Under the precondition of ensuring the quality of the coating, the cost of raw materials for processing technology should not only compare the price of raw materials, but also the use of raw materials, production costs (energy consumption, etc.), and even environmental protection costs. Using energy-saving and energy-saving raw materials as much as possible is an important way to control costs. For example, selecting medium and ultra-low temperature phosphating raw materials and selecting electrophoretic paint with a lower baking temperature can reduce energy consumption.
The traditional pre-treatment process has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, high heavy metal ion content, carcinogens, and many sewage wastes. With the increasing appeal of environmental protection and environmental protection and energy conservation, the preparatory treatment technology is developing towards protecting the ecological environment, controlling costs, ensuring quality and simple actual operation.

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6. Electric energy countermeasures
The spray production workshop is a large energy planter, and the current policy of electric energy selected in the process technology immediately harms the operating cost of the production workshop. The paint spraying process design plan should be based on the specific conditions, and select power sources with abundant supply and economic development. The economically developed heating power energy with previous treatment equipment and air conditioning and ventilation equipment is steam or boiling water; the economically developed electrical energy used for air drying and organic waste gas treatment is gas. In addition, the water consumption of industrial production is also a key element that harms operating costs.
In the past, when designing the spraying production workshop, because there was no shortage of gas or liquefied petroleum gas, electromagnetic energy was used as the air-drying heat source. From the perspective of energy consumption cost, it was very uneconomical. Nowadays, many regions may not have sufficient supply of gas or liquefied petroleum gas, but nowadays, the supply of fuel oil and diesel engines is abundant in many regions. Compared with electromagnetic energy, it will be more economical to use fuel oil or diesel engines as air-dried electric energy. The heat generation of fuel oil and diesel engines is generally 10 000 ~ 11 000 kcal/kg, which is higher than that of gas. For example, the heat generation of 1 L light diesel is equal to the electricity of 11 degrees, according to the local oil and electricity. The cost of gasoline and diesel can be estimated approximately to save energy costs. Compared with electricity consumption, the application of ignition machinery and equipment has another advantage. It can integrate organic waste gas treatment and immediately ignite the organic waste gas. It not only develops and utilizes the organic waste gas from the drying furnace, but also saves the organic waste gas treatment equipment and operating costs. . Regarding the one-time project investment of the two, if the cost basis of the organic waste gas treatment equipment is calculated, the cost of spraying can also be reduced by using crude oil as the air-drying power source.
All in all, cost determines the lifeblood of the company, cost control involves many aspects, process technology is the root cause. The automobile spraying production line is a key processing stage in the automobile industry and the project investment is large. It is closely centered on the careful planning of the spray painting process, is frugal, and calculates the cost from the root cause. It will definitely get a proactive cost reduction fee. The actual effect, thereby improving the company's market competitiveness.


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